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Your week ahead (25-31 July)

on July 25, 2011

I used the Universal Waite deck again for this week’s readings. Have a good week!



Ace of Pentacles – improve your health/body; become involved with nature; prospering; use common sense; believe in the good faith of others, proceed with trust




The Hanged Man – let go – accept what is; re-order your priorities – see things from a new angle; take time to simply be – live in the moment; sacrifice – put others first




2 of Swords – blocking emotions – maintain your cool; avoiding the truth – closing your eyes to what’s really going on; reaching an impasse – being afraid to act




4 of Swords – rest – take a break, give your body time to heal; contemplate – listen to your inner voice; prepare – get ready for the future, tie up loose ends




9 of Wands – defend yourself – take extra precautions; persevere – don’t take ‘no’ for an answer; show stamina – demonstrate physical strength, continue in spite of feeling tired




Ace of Wands – use creative force – stimulate your imagination, allow a talent to unfold; show enthusiasm – give 110%; have confidence – believe in yourself; know things will work out; proceed with courage – go beyond your limits, be true to your beliefs




Ace of Cups – use emotional force – get in touch with your feelings, let your heart lead the way; develop intuition – trust your inner voice; experience intimacy – fall in love, get closer to someone; proceed with love – express affection, get rid of negativity




10 of Swords – bottoming out – having nowhere to go but up; feeling like a victim – feeling powerless and/or self-pity; being a martyr – being self-deprecating and putting your own interests last




Page of Pentacles – have an effect – make your plans real, be practical – use common sense and stop daydreaming; be prosperous – enrich yourself, seek abundance; be trusting/trustworthy – have faith in others, keep your word 




6 of Swords – feeling the blues – feeling a little depressed, trying to keep your head above water; recovering – getting over a tough time, feeling hope again; travelling – taking a trip or experiencing a change of scene, entering a new frame of mind




The World – integrating – experiencing wholeness, working in unison; accomplishing – realising your goals, seeing your dreams come true; becoming involved – using a gift or talent, giving of yourself; feeling fulfilled – savoring the present, taking pleasure in life




The Emperor – fathering – setting direction and tone, bringing security and comfort; emphasising structure – creating order out of chaos, being organized; exercising authority – taking a leadership role, exerting control; regulating – applying rules or guidelines, setting standards of behaviour, following a regimen

Card of the week


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