Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



6 of Swords – feeling the blues – working to get through the day, feeling listless; recovering – getting over a tough time, picking up the pieces; travelling – going on a journey, taking a trip



The Star – regaining hope – thinking positively, counting your blessings; being inspired – realising your inner strength, regaining motivation; being generous – spreading the wealth, holding nothing back; feeling serene – finding your still centre, experiencing peace of mind



The Magician – taking action – doing what needs to be done, practise what you preach; act consciously – understand your intentions, know what you’re doing and why; concentrate – focus on a goal, be totally committed; experience power – make a strong impact, become energised



5 of Swords – acting in your own self-interest – looking out for number one, encountering selfishness; experiencing discord – feeling people are set against each other, experiencing conflict; witnessing open dishonour – sacrificing integrity, losing sight of what is right; watch your back



10 of Swords – bottoming out – having nowhere to go but up, feeling things can’t get any worse; feeling like a victim – feeling self-pity, wondering ‘why me?’; being a martyr – letting others go first, being self-deprecating



Queen of Cups – loving – unconditionally accepting, infinite patience; tenderhearted – kind and gentle with all creatures, feeling what others are feeling; intuitive – guided by the heart; always tuned to emotional undercurrents; psychic – open to the unconscious; spiritual – appreciating the deeper meanings of life



Page of Pentacles – having an effect – making plans real, acting on dreams; being practical – taking a realistic approach, finding a solution that works; being prosperous – increasing your means, seeking abundance; being trusting/trustworthy – have faith in others, keep your word



3 of Swords – feeling heartbreak – causing heartbreak, being disappointed, hurting someone’s feelings; feeling lonely – being separated, being rejected, feeling lost; experiencing betrayal – finding your trust misplaced, getting stabbed in the back; having surgery or dental treatment



King of Pentacles – being enterprising – attracting wealth, having the Midas touch; being adept – being informed about practical matters, having quick reflexes; being reliable – assuming responsibility; being supporting – readily jumping in to help; being steady – working towards a goal, having regular habits and activities



9 of Cups – having your wish fulfilled – achieving what you desire; feeling satisfied – feeling pleased as punch, indulging in a little smugness, being content; enjoying sensual pleasure – experiencing luxury, experiencing beauty, appreciating the arts



9 of Wands – defending yourself – expecting the worst, feeling wary and guarded; persevering – trying repeatedly, keeping your resolve, refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer; showing stamina – continuing despite fatigue, keeping up the pace



8 of Wands – taking quick action – striking while the iron is hot, putting plans into action; coming to a conclusion – experiencing a grand finale, completing unfinished business; receiving news – discovering the truth, getting an important message, finding the missing puzzle piece

For previous readings, see Notes by Nectar.


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