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Your destiny lies in your own hands

A difficult week, I think – with Diwali on Wednesday and a friend’s 40th on Friday night.

I did my three cardio sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I didn’t have my usual Tuesday morning session with Gus as he was ill. When I got his text in the morning I thought ‘Hmm… shall I get back into bed for an hour?’ and then thought ‘You’re up. You’re READY. Just go anyway!’ So I did. I trained with Gus on Friday. It was relentless. I started off with a warm-up on the cross-trainer, doing intervals between levels 8 and 15. After 13 minutes of that I was ready to call it a day and go home. But I didn’t. There were lunges and squats and weights and stretches. It was hard. And I usually feel like this when each session is over:

And here’s one of the photos I took this week:


On Wednesday night we had our Diwali dinner at an Italian restaurant called DeMartinos in Great Portland Place. No, I know that’s not very traditional! Being a vegetarian day, there was no choice but pasta. We’d all shared salad, asparagus and melanzane for starters, but everyone ordered their own main course – I ordered the spaghetti with chilli and garlic in olive oil. It was excellent – and the portion was so big I couldn’t finish it. And I had a teaspoon of tiramisu… And a glass of red wine. Oh well, it was Diwali!

On Friday night I headed to Annabel’s for a friend’s 40th. We had a drinks reception in a small room behind the main bar and then headed to the private dining room for a sit-down dinner. The table looked stunning – candelabras, flowers, place cards… I did fine with the food, but it was the alcohol that got me. I haven’t had that much to drink in a long time. A glass of champagne at the beginning, a shot of vodka when we sat down to dinner, followed by red wine, followed by a couple of vodkas with soda after dinner when we were let loose on the dance floor. And I really felt it the next day. But it was a fantastic evening – and it’s not like I do that every weekend (any more)!

I haven’t weighed myself again – I fear the excesses of this week’s celebrations may have taken their toll! 


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