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Your destiny lies in your own hands

Wow, time is flying! In under seven weeks I’ll be leaving for Dubai. The packers came this week – and most of my things have been shipped already. It’s taking a lot of self-restraint not to re-fill that bookcase!

But back to the update. I did my usual cardio sessions on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and had my usual Tuesday morning session with Gus. Once again, I was ready to go home after the warm-up on the bike, but stayed for the squats and lunges and weights. Yes, more lunges. He must hate me or something… Anyway, I’ve committed to five more sessions with Gus – so hopefully those lunges will get easier! He also asked me to keep a food diary for the week.

The food side has been dull this week – I had the same lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Nothing in the canteen appealed to me so I just popped over the road to EAT for a salad and a yoghurt each day. Nothing terribly exciting. I mentioned earlier that I’m allowed one cheat night – and cheat I did. My dinner on Saturday consisted of olives, nuts, a glass of champagne, three passion fruit martinis and a vodka soda. I must check whether the passion fruit counts towards my five a day. 

After that heavy Saturday, I had my yoga class on Sunday morning – thankfully it wasn’t until after 11am and it turned out to be a really good class. I was able to do more than I’ve done in the past – and was able to get into a shoulder stand quite easily. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

I’ve been feeling a bit ‘blah’ this week about the whole exercise/diet thing. I’m doing it (apart from Saturday night), but I’ve been feeling like I’m not really getting anywhere. And I know that’s not true – because I wore a pair of trousers to work on Thursday which I hadn’t worn in ages, and they were quite loose on me! But I still can’t shake that ‘blah’ feeling. I wanted to weigh myself on Friday but then realised the packers had taken the scales! I hadn’t counted on that. I’ll have to weigh myself somewhere else. You’d think they’d have scales in the changing room at the gym, right? I’m sure they used to when I joined when they first opened a few years ago… 

So that was my week – quite uneventful, I have to say.


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