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Dubai: Day 6

on January 4, 2012

On Day 6 (Friday) my parents, sister and I went to the Shangri-La Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road (next door) for brunch.


I say ‘brunch’ but it was 2.30pm by the time we got there. The Dunes Cafe is located in the lobby area and they have a buffet brunch every day – my parents had been once and were keen to take us there and I can see why! The variety of food on offer was fabulous: Lebanese, seafood, dim sum, sushi, grilled meats and vegetables.


They even had gluten-free bread! There was a crepe station at the dessert counter – my sister had a crepe filled with dark chocolate and nutella.


It looked so good, but I had the fruit salad.

Guess where we went after lunch? Yup – back to the mall. Dad and I went to the electronics section and eventually picked up an HP laptop which came with a free deskjet printer, headphones, mouse and antivirus for one year. I thought it was a good deal. The laptop has an extended keyboard (separate number keypad) which will come in useful when adding symbols to copy-editing (and for other things, I’m sure). I decided I wasn’t going to use the laptop until I’d bought a desk!

That evening some friends invited us over for dinner – they had some other friends in town from India. They live a few buildings away, on the 61st floor. The view from their flat was fabulous:


Everything seems to start late here – they invited us over for dinner at 10pm, but it was almost midnight by the time we ate… People were drinking and making the most of the sheesha on the balcony until then!

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