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Another drama-filled week, unfortunately.

Joy came back from her 24-hour ‘retreat’/’swimming party’ break on Friday evening, went to her room and closed the door. She eventually deigned to do some ironing for us as we were going out and then went back to her room. 

Saturday and Sunday were uneventful. 

On Monday Joy sent my mum a text saying that she wasn’t happy and that she wanted to go home. My mum asked her why she was sending text messages when we were in the next room. Mum told her we were going to send her back, this week if we could get a booking. She seemed happy with that and carried on with her work. Dad asked if he should book her on the next day’s flight?

‘She seems to be back to normal,’ Mum said.

‘Yes, but for how long?’ I asked. ‘You can’t even consider keeping her on – she’s insane.’

‘I want her out of here as soon as possible,’ Dad said. Once you piss off my dad, it’s almost impossible to un-piss him off. He has wiped his hands of Joy and doesn’t really care what happens to her any more.

On Tuesday Dad went to the Emirates office and bought her a one-way ticket to the Philippines. The earliest available flight was on Saturday. Joy wasn’t happy about this (not that there was anything we could have done anyway). She wanted to leave on Wednesday, but sadly we don’t have a private plane to send Her Highness back in. So naturally she had a tantrum, went to her room and slammed the door. She stayed there all day. 

On Wednesday morning I woke up and her door was still closed. Neeta told me she hadn’t come out and was ‘on strike’. After everyone had gone out to Burjuman that afternoon, she came out of her room, put away the ironing she had done, and then asked me if she could go out. I said she could. She came back a couple of hours later. With jet black hair and a fringe. Interesting. And a little scary. 

On Thursday Joy told Neeta she was going to make lunch for us and that Neeta was ‘on holiday’.

‘Do you think she’s going to poison us?’ Mum asked.

‘She won’t poison me,’ I replied. ‘You, maybe. But not me.’

That morning, while Joy was helping my mum with something, Joy told her that she was happy here and wanted to come back after her ‘trip’ to the Philippines. Mum told her she didn’t behave like she was happy and that we’d already found someone else (lies). Good grief, wasn’t that what she wanted? Maybe one (or more) of her personalities has realised that she can’t behave the way she has been for the last few days and not expect any consequences. Maybe she’s realised that after this weekend she won’t have a guaranteed income.

Aside from the fact that she’s crazy, she really does need to go. Her moods have taken their toll on all of us – we’re constantly arguing amongst ourselves (even when she’s not around) about who’s pissed her off this time, and ‘if you tell her that you’ll annoy her’, and ‘I’m not taking her to the airport, you do it’. At least one of us will have to take her to the airport on Saturday morning, just to make sure she gets on the flight.

This woman is more trouble than she’s worth. 

To read more about Joy, click here.


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  1. Amreeta says:

    I have no idea! I’ll have to think of something!

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