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I didn’t have my session with Randy on Sunday. I’d had a heavy weekend and was absolutely exhausted.

I had my first yoga class on Monday morning after ages – I couldn’t even remember the last time I had yoga. It was good though – I really needed it. I realised as I was doing the sun salutations how stiff my body had become over the summer.

I didn’t do a whole work-out on Tuesday but I did manage to do a 2.5-minute plank, just to keep up with my 30-day plank challenge!

I had a killer session with Randy on Wednesday. As I was doing my 5-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer, I told him I wanted to incorporate a 2.5-minute plank into my work-out that day. He told me we’d do it at the end of the first circuit. It went like this:

I did that three times with a break in between each set. After the first set I thought he was kidding when he told me I’d be doing another 2-minute plank and then a 1.5-minute plank in the second and third sets, respectively. Wasn’t 2.5 minutes in total long enough? Apparently not. In the second set I had to have a 3-second rest after 1 minute, and in the third set I had to have a couple of 3-second rests.

I did 3 minutes on the cross-trainer and then had a water break. The second set consisted of:

  • TRX plank with knee-ins x 15 (enough with the plank already!)
  • Incline chest fly press x 15
  • Leg extension machine x 15

During the TRX plank, I could really feel my abs more than any other part of my body. Serious plank overdose! Randy then stretched me out and I was done.

I did a 3-minute plank on Thursday (but that was it). I’m starting to dread these daily planks!

I didn’t work out on Friday and I didn’t do the plank either – I was just too tired.

On Saturday I suggested to a friend that we register for a 10k race in January – just to motivate ourselves. She thought it was a good idea – so it looks like I’m training for my first race! I hope my knees don’t fail me.

I went to the gym on Saturday and did 3 km on the treadmill (25:37). I walked for the first 3 minutes and then alternated 1 minute of running at 8 km/h and 1 minute of walking at 6.4 km/h. My knee seemed fine until the last 0.5 km. I had planned on doing more than 3 km but once I could feel that niggling feeling in my knee I thought I’d take it a bit easier. I then tried to do a 3-minute plank (being a day behind schedule). I had to put my knees down for 3 seconds when I got to 2 minutes. And then again when I got to 2.5 minutes. I was disappointed but it really is so bloody difficult.

On Saturday evening I read an interesting blog post about whether ‘real’ runners walk during their runs. Some of the comments underneath the post are interesting too. I’m a complete beginner – and I wonder if I’ll always feel like a beginner – but a run/walk is about all I can manage right now. Of course I’d love to be able to run an entire 5k (and more!) without stopping but for now this works for me. I’ll change the run/walk ratio as I go on so that eventually I’m running more than I’m walking. If I can run/walk the 10k race in January, I’ll be thrilled – but will other runners think of me as a fellow runner? Or someone who’s just taking up space on the road? I’m not in it to win the whole thing (obviously) – just to challenge myself…

Low point of the week? I can’t think of anything!

High point of the week? There were so many – re-starting yoga, being able to do a 3-minute plank, starting to train for a 10k race. I’ve also managed to cut down on my daily peanut butter on toast – instead of having two slices for breakfast, I now have one – and I want to cut down on that too…

Weight loss? A little – I’ve been at 70 kg all week!


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2 thoughts on “The final few

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the mention and a great quote at the end 🙂

    1. nectar1269 says:

      It was an interesting article – made me think (and panic slightly!). Thanks for commenting 🙂

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