Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

The first half of the week was quite quiet as I wasn’t very well – I had a terrible cough and sore throat after the heavy weekend I had.

I was home until Tuesday afternoon when I went for my piano lesson. What I love about the piano is that no matter how rubbish I’m feeling or how distracted by other things, I just forget about everything when I’m in my lessons or practising.

On Wednesday evening I went to a friend’s place for dinner. I hadn’t seen him since his impromptu dinner party back in July and it was nice to catch up. He made grilled salmon, stir-fried vegetables and salad. We had some wine with dinner – and there was Cookies & Cream ice cream and strawberries for dessert. It wasn’t a late night – I was home by 12.30.

I went to a cheese and wine evening at the H Hotel on Thursday night. They hold this event every Thursday from 7-10pm in the Arcadia Lounge and it costs AED150 for unlimited cheese and wine. There were about 20 cheese to choose from (including a fondue) and several different wines too. The friends I was with had two ‘2 for 1’ vouchers so we ended up spending just AED75 each! It was a chilled evening and the guitarist was brilliant.

On Friday I went to a party in Marina as the guest of the friend who had dinner at home on Wednesday. I had a few drinks, met some new interesting people, danced a bit and got home at 4am (or was it later?). It was an interesting evening – maybe one day I’ll write about it and you can read about the types of idiotic men I meet here in Dubai!

I was home all day on Saturday and spent most of the day working.

I love my life.

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