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I was shattered on Sunday. The week before had caught up with me and I just wanted to sleep but I had a ton of work to do.

I worked all of Sunday and then my dad arrived that evening from Bombay.

I was home for most of Monday too. I went to the Shangri-La for a massage in the afternoon – I’d bought four vouchers back in November and this was the last one I had.

On Tuesday I met up with my cousins who were visiting from Bombay. They were staying at The Address Dubai Mall so we met there for coffee. I wasn’t with them for long as I had to get back and meet some deadlines for work, but it was nice to see them.

Dad and I went out for lunch on Wednesday – we went to Sumo Sushi at Jumeirah Town Centre. The food was average – I’m not sure I’d go back in any rush. I prefer Yabani at City Walk and would rather go there! That evening I had a piano lesson and then it was back to work.

My weekend was very quiet – I was in on Thursday and Friday nights. I spent all of Friday at the Literature Festival – I was there from 11am until 8pm… It was the highlight of my weekend!

I was home all day on Saturday too. In the evening, Dad and I went to see ‘Kingsman’ at The Dubai Mall. It was surprisingly crowded considering the movie was out a few weeks ago. By the time it finished it was 10pm and we ended up at Noodle House for dinner. I ordered the Singapore noodles (yum) and Dad had the vegetarian Thai green curry.

And that was my week!

I love my life.

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