Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

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7 of Swords – protect your assets and examine the motives of others carefully – be on your guard. Keywords: theft, negative people, insecurity, intuition, mistrust, decisions, protection



8 of Swords – get practical and see that you are in control of your own future, regardless of what others think. You can free yourself by being less tolerant of the demands of others. Keywords: separation, fear, burdens, lack of vision, being stuck, responsibility, change



2 of Cups – appreciate love and trust in your relationships. Keywords: soul mates, karma, love, intimacy, connection, healing, union


The Lovers – make your choice based on your long-term future rather than short-term gains. In love, wait for the right person rather than distract yourself with flirtations. Keywords: love, commitment, future plans, maturity, dedication, emotions, separation



4 of Swords – accept that this is how things need to be just now. You will make progress when the time is right. Keywords: inaction, time away, a relationship break, healing, peace, stillness, rest



Ace of Swords – use your intelligence and victory is yours. Keywords: beginnings, decisions, action, clarity, determination, solutions, ideas


Page of Wands – now is the time to express yourself – in words, pictures, dance, music or through any other creative pursuit you enjoy. Keywords: messages, travel news, communication, new work, expression, transition, entertainment


The Fool – look before you leap – and, if you like what you see, dive right in! Keywords: risk, innocence, departure, new pathway, discovery, journeys, starting over



10 of Pentacles – appreciate the special bonds you share as a group and the love that comes with commitment. Keywords: family, celebrations, generosity, money, luck, completeness, love



3 of Cups – be carefree; enjoy the company of those who make you laugh. Keywords: celebration, friendship, healing, fun, flirtation, indulgence, creativity



10 of Swords – walk away and let go. Focus on the present rather than dwell on the past. Keywords: completion, release, drama, transformation, victimhood, truth, shock



Justice – take a practical approach. If you need to make a decision, go with what is realistic rather than idealistic – the solution doesn’t need to be perfect, just workable. If a decision that affects you is made by others, accept it is the best they can do at this time. Keywords: calm, decisions, integrity, truth, legal issues, support, vindication

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