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Dubai 2015: Week 34

It was a quiet week. I didn’t do very much at all. I visited Dad every afternoon/evening in the hospital until he came home on Wednesday afternoon. I had a piano lesson on Monday afternoon. As usual, I hadn’t practised at all! I had yoga on Tuesday and Trevor on Wednesday and three workouts on

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Dubai 2015: Week 14

I was working all of Sunday and didn’t leave the flat other than to go to the gym. It was my birthday on Monday so I spent most of the day with the family. I’ve had a ‘no work on my birthday’ policy for the last few years (I would even take the day off

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Dubai 2014: Week 13

The week started off much quieter than the previous week. I was busy at work on Sunday and Monday – the April issue finally went to press! I’m really pleased with this issue – my editorial was easy to write and I’ve got an article and photo published in the issue too. On Monday morning

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Dubai 2013: Week 2

Yet another busy week! After my session with Randy on Sunday I took my sister to the doctor at GMC in Jumeirah. We then wandered around the book store for a little while waiting for our mum to show up. By this time it was after 3pm and none of us …