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Your destiny lies in your own hands

I ended up having dinner at Thai Rice this evening – it’s a small but very busy restaurant on Elgin Avenue in Maida Vale – right opposite the tube station.

We didn’t have a reservation but managed to get one of the booths at the front of the restaurant. It didn’t take us long to order and our drinks came almost immediately but we had to wait for a rather long time for the rest of the food! When we asked the waitress to check on the food, she clearly didn’t understand because she brought us the check – before we’d eaten! The food came soon after that…

For starters we ordered the crispy squid, tofu salad and papaya salad. Of the three the papaya salad was the tastiest. In the past we’ve had to send the salad back because it was just *too* spicy (and we all enjoy our chillies) – but today it was just right. 

For our main course we ordered vegetarian pad thai and the panaeng curry (cooked with coconut milk, lime leaves and sweet basil leaves) with prawns and steamed rice. The main courses at the restaurant are much better than the starters – the three of us agreed on that. We actually ended up ordered a second portion of the panaeng curry because it was just so good:


Note to self: Take pictures of food *before* eating – and remember to take pictures of the restaurant!

I’ve been to Thai Rice three or four times now and would come back – but perhaps on a weeknight when it isn’t so busy. We also discovered they also do free deliveries in the area – woohoo!

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