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Summertime in London

on June 4, 2011

I LOVE London in the summer – it’s a completely different city – it’s light until 9.30pm, pubs and restaurants are crowded and everyone is having a good time. 

So why was I *so* irritated today? 

First, For the last two days, a stretch of Maida Vale has been closed due to a burst water main (or something like that). All the traffic going down this main road was diverted – down MY street. Including the big double-decker buses. Bear in mind that Hall Road has single yellow lines on both sides of the street so cars can park there on weekends so it’s bad enough as it is, without the extra large buses on the street:


Now does that look wide enough to have traffic going both ways on the street? That’s right, it’s not!

So, since about 9am, all I’ve heard are drivers honking and swearing at each other. To make matters worse, I was stuck on one of these buses while heading home after lunch. I would have walked but I had a load of dry cleaning with me. The bus I was on was stuck literally right outside my building for about 5 minutes but the driver wouldn’t let me off the bus. He couldn’t move forward, the cars behind him couldn’t reverse. He eventually opened the doors to get out himself and direct someone through the traffic and I hopped off quickly then! It was also unbearably hot – London is ill-equipped to deal with weather hotter than 20°C and it was about 25°C today.

Second, the England v Sri Lanka test match is on at Lord’s Cricket Ground which is just a block away and there are hundreds more people in the area than usual and lots more traffic (to add to the extra diverted traffic)… although it’s quite entertaining hearing the roars of the crowd from Lord’s!

Third, hay fever. I’d been doing really well this year, but this evening has not been good for me – I can’t stop sniffing and sneezing! But more about that here

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