Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Until a few months ago, my Sunday mornings were spent like this:


Now most of my Sunday mornings are spent doing this:


Well. *Trying* to, at least. 

I’ve been practising yoga on Sunday mornings with my teacher, Komal, since the end of September. In the past, I’ve been through phases of wanting to practise every day and then not wanting to do anything at all for weeks on end, but since I started with Komal I’m a lot more regular in my practice. I know that I’m definitely going to get at least an hour’s worth of yoga done in the week (not enough, I know – but better than nothing) without having to leave my living room! Between classes, depending on work, I try and get on to my mat for at least half an hour per session – in fact when I have the place to myself I leave my yoga mat unrolled in the living room to entice me onto it! I read somewhere that even if you’re not in the mood just lie on your mat for five minutes and you’ll soon start to feel like practising. And it actually works. It’s a bit tougher when my parents are here and I’m relegated to practising in my bedroom. 

Anyway, it’s been a long process. My ‘best’ classes are those where I don’t feel like I need a crane to get into shoulderstand. In my first class, Komal had to practically hoist me up – and that was when I realised how out of shape I was! I’m still working on it. And I will get there!! 

I’m still trying to use up my Bikram class pass (I ambitiously bought a 10-class pass a few months ago) and still have five left to use in the next couple of weeks! Just the thought of it makes me want to weep. But more about that later… 

Happy Sunday!

PS. Silent Sunday from next week… 
Silent Sunday

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