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Your destiny lies in your own hands

As far as I'm aware, this show hasn't aired in the UK – so I'm a little late watching it. A friend of mine kept telling me how 'amazing' it was, but finding his taste in TV shows (and his spelling) questionable at the best of times, I ignored him. The other thing that made me put it off was I'd seen an episode of a series called Mumbai Calling back in 2007 or so – a British TV show starring Sanjeev Bhaskar and Nitin Ganatra based on the same idea. It was not good. 

A few days ago, my mum said she'd seen a couple of episodes of Outsourced and it was so funny and I *must* watch it. So I decided to give it a shot. 

Outsourced is about a young American, Todd, who gets sent to India to manage a call centre for a company that sells novelty gifts (hen nights, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc). He gets there not knowing anything about the country or its customs and has to figure it all out with the help of his employees:

Rajiv – Todd's assistant manager who has his eye on Todd's job and is constantly trying to get rid of him. 
Manmeet – the young girl-crazy man who still believes in the American dream, and becomes Todd's good friend. 
Asha – the pretty one in the office, and Todd's love interest – she seems to be the most practical person in the office and her parents are arranging her marriage. 
Gupta – the chatty, chubby, self-centred and often annoying one in the office – but he is hilarious.
Madhuri – the shy one whose income supports her entire family.

Todd makes two other friends outside of work – both call centre managers for other companies: Charlie, and Tonya – another of Todd's love interests.

Yes, Todd is very busy.

The first two episodes were as I expected – kind of funny, but not 'hilarious' like people had claimed. I continued watching anyway (as Hawaii Five-O is done for the season!) and I laughed out loud in episode 5. The characters grew on me after a while and I can imagine what working in that environment is like. 

But I think what makes me chuckle most are the episode titles, such as 'Touched by an Anglo' (the team have a seminar on sexual harrassment) and 'A Sitar is Born' (Gupta enters a talent show)! 

I've almost finished season 1 (each episode is only 20 minutes long), but I read that sadly there won't be a second season of the show.

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