Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands


I didn’t realise this was a short story when I downloaded it. I read it on the flight from London to Stockholm – I think it probably took me about 90 minutes – because I also managed to read the business magazine, entertainment magazine and the duty free catalogue! I realised about halfway through that it was a short story because I was getting through it pretty quickly and I know that even I don’t read that fast!

So, Jenny Lopez moves back to New York after a stint in LA – she’s unemployed, has no boyfriend and is looking for a roommate – but isn’t it amazing how things fall into place so quickly (especially for a short story!). All her loose ends were conveniently tied up by the end of the tale leaving no room for questions. I have to admit I do like the ambiguity of some endings to short stories, but in this case I’m glad there wasn’t any! The two dates that she does go on did make me smile – I’m sure we’ve *all* had dates like that!! 

I’d recommend it if you have an hour or two to kill (e.g. plane journeys) and don’t want to think too much – but if you’re looking for something with a bit more substance I’d give it a miss…

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