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Hay fever, Ming and me…

on June 13, 2011

Ever since I moved back to the UK when I was 11, I've had hay fever every summer. The first time I got it, I didn't even know what was wrong with me. I was 12 years old and when someone told me what hay fever was, I thought it was absurd. I'd spent many summers in London until then, and had never suffered. When I think about it now, we used to get here at the end of June or early July – and of course hay fever season is pretty much over by then.

Each year it got worse and worse, the sneezing would make my nosebleeds more frequent and nothing seemed to work. NOTHING. Clarityn, Piriton, Beconase, Benadryl, Opticrom Рall useless. 


A few years ago, a friend of mine suggested I go see his Chinese medicine doctor. I said I would, but I never got round to it. Every year, we'd have the same conversation, and every year I said I would go.

In 2009, my hay fever was so bad that I couldn't even sleep at night. My ears were itching, my skin was itching, my eyes were watering – and all I wanted to do was reach into my throat and claw at it. I knew I had to call this supposed miracle worker.

Dr Ming to the rescue! I made an appointment to visit Dr Ming at her Hendon Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre on a Sunday afternoon (her centre is open on weekends). I was late. She wasn't impressed.

She sat me down, took my pulse and looked at my tongue. 'Does your skin itch?' Yes! 'Are your ears itching'? YES! 'And you can't sleep?' Hell, YES! I didn't even have to describe my symptoms to her – she could tell just by my pulse and tongue. She gave me three jars, each containing 200 little black pills, and a small clear plastic bag which held little green pills. She wrote down how many I was to take in the morning and evening – I did some mental arithmetic and realised I'd be taking about 60 little pills a day. 'In the morning, take them before breakfast.' Er. That *is* breakfast. I went home – not entirely sure it would work – my consultation had only lasted 5 minutes. But I took the pills.

I promise that I'm not exaggerating when I say that after just two days of taking these pills, I had no hay fever symptoms at all. I was over the moon. And I also wanted to weep over all the time I'd wasted by not going to her! For years, I'd avoided going to the park in my lunch break because I'd come back with a sneezing fit or a nosebleed or both – and now, I could walk home through the park in the summer without worrying about anything… I felt like Jack and his magic beans!

She doesn't just treat hay fever – she treats everything from the common cold to infertility and cancer. In fact, I've all but stopped going to my GP and see Dr Ming for any ailments I may have! I would highly recommend her…

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