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What do you do if you’re allergic to deodorant?

on June 18, 2011

Earlier this year I became allergic to deodorant. Literally overnight. My skin would burn every time I'd use deodorant – it was horrible and uncomfortable. I think the scary thing about allergies is that they can suddenly start at any age for no reason at all. 

Initially, Dr Ming gave me a small jar of cream to apply in the morning and evening – I don't know what was in it. It had to be kept in the fridge and it smelled like mint and something else I couldn't place. In two days my skin would feel fine, so I'd use deodorant again and be right back at square one. I switched deodorant a few times, tried some for sensitive skin – but the same thing happened. 

I tried a 'natural' deodorant from the Body Shop but my skin burned as soon as I put it on. Nothing was working. Neal's Yard had a couple of natural deodorants – one was lavender and aloe vera – it didn't appeal to me at all. The other was lemon and coriander – I have no idea what it smelled like but all I could think about were the lemon and coriander chicken slices I used to buy at M&S. I didn't try either.

I decided I'd have to go deodorant-free and trawled the Internet for alternatives, all the time worrying I'd end up sitting at home alone on weekends because of a hygiene problem! I eventually came across something called Perspi-Rock – made from potassium alum crystals and no chemicals. I read the reviews, figured I had nothing to lose, and ordered one.


It's easy to use – you simply wet the rock and apply it to your skin. It worked! My skin didn't burn and the rock did everything it was supposed to. And the rock seems to last forever, I've had mine almost four months and I think it'll last another four.

The ultimate test was when I went to hell – sorry, I mean Bikram yoga – of course I did sweat, but that was it. 

I've been really impressed with the rock – and I'm glad to say that my fears of never being invited out were unfounded!! 

2 responses to “What do you do if you’re allergic to deodorant?

  1. Sheena says:

    I have exactly the same problem and someone recommended the alum stone to be also, I have bought it online and hopefully should see it in my post very soon, hope it works for me too.

    P.s – I have been to bikram yoga once and was actually just thinking maybe I was a wimp and should give it another go as im trying to get fit again but it is basically hell isn’t it! lol

    • nectar1269 says:

      Hi Sheena – it really worked for me but I’ve since been able to use regular deodorant again. I’m not sure what happened to me for those few months but right now I’m using a Nivea deodorant and haven’t had any problems (touch wood)…

      Yes, Bikram is hell – mind you, since I moved to Dubai I’ve been considering going to a class to cool down!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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