Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Dad decided he wanted to have Father's Day lunch at C&R Restaurant on Westbourne Grove. 

We found this restaurant quite by accident in September 2010. My sister had just had her baby the day before at St Mary's and my parents, brother-in-law and I were at the hospital until quite late. Westbourne Grove is a short walk from Paddington so we thought we'd go to Alounak for dinner. When we got there, the queue was out the door and none of us wanted to wait for a table. There's a lot of choice in that area so we thought we'd walk around until we found something we fancied. A few doors down from Alounak we found a Malaysian place we'd never noticed before and decided to go in. It wasn't crowded and we got a table right away. Funnily enough, we bumped into a Malaysian friend of ours who was there with some of her friends – always a good sign! We've been back a few times since then…

We went for a late lunch today – I had started watching 'The Back-Up Plan' (starring Alex O'Loughlin – yum) and my parents ended up watching it with me. We got there at about 3.30 – it was the busiest I'd ever seen it. There was a large Indian family on a table next to us – one of their kids was also called Amreeta and it was very distracting hearing my name called every now and then! 

If Mum orders the laksa she doesn't eat much else. It's a huge portion – if your'e going to have other food, then you would need to share the laksa with at least two other people:


What I like about C&R is that they don't just have Malaysian food, they also have some Chinese and Thai dishes – I love their hot and sour soup. We also had chicken satays with peanut sauce, squid with spicy salt and pepper, spicy Szechuan lamb and rice. Their portions are generous and reasonably priced too. Without alcohol, we usually pay about £20 per head and there's a LOT of food. 

We've never had to book a table, we've just shown up and been lucky – bear in mind that they're closed on Tuesdays though (we learned the hard way!).

After lunch, we decided to get a cab home and got to talking with the driver. His name was Ashley Duke and he's a singer/songwriter – he even has a single available on iTunes called 'Deep Inside My Mind'. He was a really nice guy – you can listen to him being interviewed on the radio here

Anyway, I think Dad enjoyed his lunch – and was even happier when I paid the bill!

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