July – my tarot reading

I do a monthly tarot reading for myself using the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. 

The monthly spread I do has two rows. The top row contains one card (the overview of the month); the second row has four cards, one for each week of the month. Here are the cards I dealt for July. Lots of coins = lots of money coming (and going)!


Overview – Ace of Coins – using material force, prospering, being practical, proceeding with trust


Week 1 – King of Swords – intellectual, analytical, articulate, just, ethical


Week 2 – Death – ending, going through transition, eliminating excess, experiencing inexorable forces (eliminate excess = detox? Er. I don't think so)


Week 3 – 10 of Coins – enjoying affluence, seeking permanence, following convention


Week 4 – 5 of Coins – experiencing hard times, suffering ill health, being rejected (clearly the girls' trip to Barcelona is going to bankrupt me)


Do you do a monthly reading? What spread do you use? 


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