Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I was telling a friend of mine on Saturday night that I really can’t remember a time when I wasn’t tired. 

Over the last few weeks I’ve rarely slept before 1.30am – for no good reason. It’s not as though I’ve been out having a good time – I’ve been home, watching TV, reading, just not sleeping… and then struggling to get to work in the mornings. Forget about getting there on time, I’m talking about getting there at all. 

There have been a couple of Saturdays recently when I’ve come home and it’s just getting to daylight (OK, on those nights I *was* out having a good time) but I can’t sleep when it’s already light out there! I’ve taken to wearing an eye mask when I wake up at 5am on most mornings just to get me back to sleep again.

These late nights aren’t really helping at work. I had a conversation at work today – my colleague was talking to me – I wasn’t focusing on a word she said and I’m not even sure how I responded. Or if I responded. And don’t ask me what the conversation was about – I can’t remember. I’ll be making tea in the kitchen at work, suddenly remember I have to email someone and by the time I’m back at my desk, I’ve forgotten all about the email. It’s a little worrying. I think it might be time to start taking some gingko biloba. 

My mum’s had a jar of the stuff in the kitchen for the last five years (I’m pretty sure it’s past it’s use by date). The same jar. She says she keeps forgetting to take it. She *really* needs it. 

I need a holiday.

Or a week of sleep…

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