Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Last summer, before my brother's wedding, I decided to have bio sculpture gel nails done. I figured I'd have enough to do in Bali without worrying about chipped nail polish and broken nails – so a friend suggested I try the gel nails. She gave me the number of a lady who came home so I decided to give it a try. It took about an hour and I had a natural French manicure at the end of it. I could even use nail polish on top of it, remove it and I would still have a French manicure. 

It looked good. It felt… weird and like I had something permanently stuck under my nails. Because I had an extra layer on top of my regular nails, my nails were much thicker than they used to be and I felt clumsy.

The wedding came and went (and not a broken/chipped nail in sight) and I was back in London before I knew it. Three weeks after having the nails applied, I decided to have the infills done. I went to Nailspa in Clifton Road and one of the girls there sorted out my nails. Another three weeks after that and I was ready to remove them. I think I just got bored.

I went back to Nailspa (Paddington Street this time). In order to get the nails off, I had to soak my hands in a bowl of hot acetone. It was hotter than I would have liked and the smell was terrible – but 20 minutes later I was done. And my nails were as thin as paper. I could literally peel them off if I wanted to. This continued for months. 

Earlier this year a friend of mine told me she had started taking Perfectil – a supplement for hair, nails and skin. I'd never really considered doing something like that and my interest only peaked when she said she was sure the Perfectil tablets were making her hair straighter! Naturally I went to buy some of this miracle hair straightener from Boots and started taking one tablet every weekday. I say weekday because I leave them on my desk where I can see them and remember to take them – on weekends I just forget.

Well. My hair didn't get any straighter (dammit!) but it did grow much faster (which meant I had to colour the roots more often – dammit!) and less coarsely. I did notice that my nails were much stronger than they were before. They no longer tore at the slightest touch and I could open cans without breaking them. And what about my skin? I haven't noticed anything different. I get better skin by going to a Bikram yoga class (dammit!).

I don't know if everyone has the same results, but I'd recommend it – it did make me realise what a state my nails were in and what normal nails should feel like!


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