Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (8-14 August)

on August 8, 2011

Have a great week!



Ace of Pentacles – use material force – become involved with nature, improve the body/health; prosper – enjoy abundance, see efforts rewarded; be practical – use common sense and be down to earth; proceed with trust – feel safe and protected, know you have total security



7 of Pentacles – assess – pause to check results, make sure you’re on course; reap rewards – finally see some results, get returns on investments; consider a direction change – ponder alternatives, think about change



Knight of Cups – romantic – emphasise feelings, idealise love; imaginative – tap the fertile unconscious, never take the mundane path; sensitive – be aware of moods and feelings, respond deeply to life; refined – appreciate beauty in all her forms, understand subtlety; introspective – question your motivations, seek below the surface



The Star – this is one of my favourite cards! Regain hope – have faith in the future and think positively; be inspired – regain motivation and realise an inner strength; be generous – spread the wealth and open your heart; feel serene – find your still centre and relax



Page of Pentacles – have an effect – make your plans real, act on your dreams; be practical – take a realistic approach, stop daydreaming; be prosperous – increase your means, enrich yourself; be trusting/trustworthy – have faith in others, prove yourself dependable



The Chariot – achieve victory – reach your goals, come out on top; use your will – be determined to succeed, rise above temptation; assert yourself – establish an identity, feel self-confident; achieve hard control – master your emotions, hold in your anger



5 of Wands – feeling disagreeable – being at odds with others, quarrelling and bickering; experience competition – go for the gold, you’ll find yourself having rivals; experience hassles – expect minor setbacks, you’ll be annoyed by demands from others



The Magician – take action – do what needs to be done, practise what you preach; act consciously – know what you’re doing and why, understand your intentions; concentrate – be totally committed, feel centred; experience power – create miracles, have vitality



The Hermit – be introspective – think things over, focus inward; search – seek greater understanding, go on a personal quest; receive/give guidance – go to or be a mentor; seek solitude – the need to be alone, desiring stillness



5 of Cups – suffering a loss – saying goodbye, letting go of a hope; feeling bereft – grieving, longing to be reunited; feeling regret – wanting to turn back the clock, wishing for what might have been, crying over spilt milk



Ace of Wands – use creative force – invent better ways to do things, expand your potential; show enthusiasim – feel fired up and eager, give 110%; have confidence – believe in yourself, know things will work out; proceed with courage – face your fears, dare to take a stand



5 of Pentacles – experiencing hard times – feeling insecure, struggling to make ends meet; suffering ill health – neglecting your body and its needs, feeling run down and tired; being rejected – feeling excluded, standing alone

For previous readings, see Notes by Nectar.

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