Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (15-21 August)

on August 15, 2011

Have a good week, everyone!



The Hierophant – getting an education – pursuing knowledge, studying and learning; having a belief system – following a discipline; conforming – following the rules, getting along with the program; identifying with a group – joining an organisation, working as part of a team, being committed to a cause



King of Pentacles – being enterprising – having the Midas touch, finding opportunity everywhere; being adept – being informed about practical matters, having quick reflexes; being reliable – assuming responsibility and being dependable; being supportive – encouraging the accomplishments of others, jumping in to help



2 of Swords – blocking emotions – denying true feelings, being defensive; avoiding the truth – refusing to face facts, choosing not to know; being at a stalemate – refusing to decide, reaching an impasse



10 of Cups – feeling joy – having a sense of wellbeing, delighting in good fortune; enjoying peace and serenity – restoring harmony, calling a truce; looking to the family – supporting a relative in need, bonding with family members



Ace of Swords – using mental force – being objective, analysing the situation; having fortitude – overcoming adversity and facing problems; seeking justice – righting a wrong, doing what is right; proceeding with truth – cutting through confusion, finding out what is real



Queen of Swords – be honest – face facts no matter how unpleasant, play by the rules; be astute – be quick on the uptake, be difficult to trick or con; be forthright – be direct and open in all dealings, be straightforward and no-nonsense; be witty – diffuse awkward situations with a funny remark, don’t take things too seriously; be experienced – have realistic expectations, be free of self-righteous judgements



King of Swords – be intellectual – use thought creatively, carry out research; be analytical – apply reason and logic, understand problems quickly; be articulate – communicate ideas successfully, write and speak lucidly; be just – be impartial and objective, be concerned about truthness and fairness; be ethical – take the high road in all dealings



3 of Wands – explore the unknown – tackle something different, expand your horizons; have foresight – look for greater possibilities, anticipate obstacles; demonstrate leadership – take the main role, set an example



King of Wands – be creative – develop innovative projects and ideas, be original; be inspiring – communicate enthusiasm and instill confidence; be forceful – be assertive when necessary, earn respect and willing compliance; be charismatic – magnetically attract others, make gestures with flair; be bold – confront opposition directly, dare to stand and be different



The Emperor – establish a family line, set direction and tone; emphasise structure – create order out of chaos, stick to a plan; exercise authority – be in a position of strength; establish law and order – apply rules or guidelines, follow a regimen



The Fool – new beginnings – entering a new phase, expanding your horizons; be spontaneous – live in the moment, let go of expectations; have faith – let go of worry and fear, trust the flow; embrace folly – accept your choices, pursue pipe dreams, take a ‘crazy’ chance



The Empress – be mothering – nourish life, express tenderness; welcome abundance – enjoy extravagance, luxuriate in plenty; experience the senses – give and receive pleasure (oh, I say!), do physical activity; respond to Nature – feel connected to the Earth, go outdoors and relate to plants and animals

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