Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (22-28 August)

on August 22, 2011

Have a good week!



The Hierophant – get an education – pursue knowledge, become informed; have a belief system – share a cultural heritage, follow a discipline; conform – follow the rules, fit in; identify with a group – feel loyal to others, be committed to a cause



8 of Pentacles – show diligence – make an effort, work hard; increase knowledge – take a course, learn a new craft or skill, do some research; pay attention to detail – be extra careful, get down to the nitty-gritty, check and re-check, read the fine print



5 of Wands – disagreements – quarrelling, arguing, bickering, quibbling over details; competition – rise to the challenge, look for a fight, try and outdo yourself; hassles – minor setbacks, being annoyed by demands, being irritated by others



8 of Swords – feeling restricted – being fenced in by obstacles, experiencing few options; confusion – being unsure which way to turn, lacking direction; feeling powerless – looking for a white knight, feeling victimised



4 of Wands – celebrations – rejoicing over a happy event, enjoying well-deserved rewards; seeking freedom – opening up to new possibilities, letting go of limitations; feeling excited – looking forward to the future, being surprised



5 of Cups – suffering a loss – letting go of a hope, being defeated; feeling bereft – feeling deprived of love, breaking up a relationship; feeling regret – crying over spilt milk, thinking you made the wrong choice, wanting to turn back the clock



Knight of Wands – you’ll have to choose between being charming or superficial, self-confidence and cockiness, daring and foolhardy, adventurous and restless, passionate and hot-tempered – there’s a fine line between them all!



Queen of Pentacles – be nurturing – give love and support; be bighearted – always have an open door; be down to earth – have no pretensions or affectations; be resourceful – make a little go a long way; be trustworthy – keep faith with others



Knight of Cups – choosing between being romantic or over-emotional, being imaginative or fanciful, being sensitive or temperamental, being refined or over-refined, being introspective or introverted



The World – integration – experiencing wholeness, achieving dynamic balance; accomplishment – realise your goals and flourish; become involved – contribute, use a gift or talent, feel engaged; feel fulfilled – savour the present, take pleasure in life



10 of Pentacles – enjoy affluence – be free from money problems, see your ventures flourish; seek permanence – look for solutions that will last, nail down a plan; follow convention – play by the rules, take part in traditions, be conservative



The Empress – being mothering – giving birth, cherishing the world, expressing tenderness; welcoming abundance – having more than enough, feeling rich; experiencing the senses – focusing on the body, giving and receiving pleasure, doing physical activity; responding to Nature – embarcing the natural, being outdoors

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