Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I didn’t do very much on day 1 – played with the baby, slept, ate. I felt constantly hungry. And between Vinay and Rolo, at least one of them was jumping on me at any given time…


The next day, Saturday, was busier than the first day. The hairdresser came (£8 – bargain!), we went to the BMS spa to get our nails done (£40 – same as London), went over to an aunt’s house for tea… Hectic!

That evening four of us went to the restaurant at the top of Avenue Suites for dinner – it’s a big place, but was quite empty – and quite dark. The view during the day is supposed to be lovely – the restaurant overlooks Bar Beach – but we couldn’t see very much at night. We ordered five starters – calamari, salad, potato wedges, bruschetta, bresaola. In hindsight, that was more than enough as only three of us were eating, but we’d also ordered main courses. I ordered the tagliatelle with salmon – it was very good but there was a lot of it! I ate the salmon and picked at the pasta but couldn’t finish it. We’d also ordered a double vodka with soda each – when the waiter brought them the tall glasses were so full with the ice and vodka that there was barely any space at the top to fit in the soda! My next drink was a single… 

Restaurants here seem to be more expensive than London – there was a grilled salmon on the menu which cost more than £20 – which is more than what I would pay for the same thing in London. I suppose by the time you take into account all the overheads (ingredients, importing food, diesel for the generators, and who knows what else) it all adds up.

After that we went to the Radisson Blu on Ozumba Mbadiwe for some drinks. There was no space to sit outside as it was so packed! It’s on the waterfront, and felt very European. We ended up sitting inside and ordered some wine. A glass of white wine is roughly £5, but a bottle cost about £28 – which made no sense at all – it’s cheaper to have wine by the glass than by the bottle! 

We weren’t home too late and made a plan to spend Sunday at the pool.

The weather on Sunday was lovely, so we went to the Blowfish Hotel and sat by the pool.


(Yes, the whole building is that salmon pink colour – it’s very distracting.)

We ordered some drinks and some lunch and just chilled all afternoon. We ordered suya – which I hadn’t had in AGES. It’s barbecued beef with a peppery/spicy powder – and it’s yummy. I ate so much of it.


I think everyone had a relaxing day…


On our way home, we stopped at The Ice Cream Factory (because clearly we hadn’t eaten enough all day) – it was really crowded so we picked up some ice cream to go.


I couldn’t decide what to have – there were so many flavours! And then I spotted this:


Surely not? There must be some mistake. Aren’t chinchillas pets/rodents? 


I was nowhere near brave enough to try it – but it *must* be something else!

We came home, lazed around, played with the baby and didn’t do very much else for the rest of the evening. A nice, lazy weekend 🙂


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