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Your destiny lies in your own hands

My nephew Vinay is 1 today! Happy birthday, Vindoo!


We started off the day by opening his presents…


Lucky boy, he didn’t know where to start:


And sometimes he did seem more interested in the wrapping paper than the actual presents:


He liked the picture of the baby on the Fisher-Price box:


And I thought his dad was having a good time too:


He looks happy with his red bus from me…


But he loves his new bunny from Uncle G!


My sister had invited Vinay’s grandparents and some other family members over for tea and to cut his cake.


Even his dad came home early from the office!


Vinay had never had cake before and enjoyed it a little too much!


It was a lovely afternoon, and everyone had a good time…


Well, almost everyone – I don’t think my cousin was very impressed with Rolo’s infatuation with him!


One thought on “Vinay is 1!

  1. NotMyYearOff says:

    Gorgeous pictures, he looks so happy! Hope you had a really great day!

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