Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (12-18 September)

on September 12, 2011

Still in Lagos – have a great week!



Queen of Swords – being honest – facing the truth even if unpleasant, being upfront with everyone; being astute – sizing up a situation quickly, being difficult to trick or con; being forthright – being direct and open in all dealings; being witty – having a good sense of humour, not taking things too seriously; being experienced – having seen and done it all, being free of self-righteous judgements



King of Pentacles – enterprising – having the Midas touch and attracting wealth, finding opportunity everywhere; being adept – being informed about practical matters, handling any situation competently; being reliable – being dependable and unfailing; being supporting – jumping in to help; being steady – avoiding mood and behaviour swings



The Lovers – relating to others – feeling love, getting closer; being sexual – opening to another, feeling physical attraction; establishing personal beliefs – staying true to yourself, making up your own mind; determining values – facing an ethical or moral choice, choosing between right and wrong



Temperance – being temperate – finding the middle ground, avoiding excess; maintaining balance – fostering cooperation, experiencing harmony; experiencing health – enjoying wellbeing, flourishing; combining forces – finding the right mix, joining with others



Ace of Swords – using mental force – being objective, analysing the situation; having fortitude – facing problems, resolving a situation; seeking justice – wanting what is fair; proceeding with truth – cutting through confusion, having clear understanding



Ace of Cups – using emotional force – letting your heart lead the way, expressing deep feelings; developing intuition – experiencing direct knowing, getting in tune with yourself; experiencing intimacy – falling in love, developing a relationship; proceeding with love – expressing affection, getting rid of negativity



Ace of Pentacles – using material force – focusing on concrete results, improving the body/health; prospering – having the means to reach a goal, seeing efforts rewarded; being practical – being realistic, using common sense; proceeding with trust – feeling safe and protected, having a support system



2 of Wands – having personal power – commanding attention and respect, having authority; being bold – daring to do what you want, speaking your mind; showing originality – being a pioneer, doing what no one else has done



King of Cups – being wise – giving good advice, seeing right to the heart of the matter; being calm – maintaining composure, being emotionally stable and secure; being diplomatic – balancing the needs of many people, diffusing a tense situation; being caring – responding to emotional needs, doing volunteer or charity work; being tolerant – being open and broad-minded, accepting the limitations of others



The Chariot – achieving victory – reaching your goal, winning; using your will – being determined to succeed, letting nothing distract you; asserting yourself – knowing who you are, feeling self-confident; achieving hard control – mastering emotions, maintaining discipline



The Hanged Man – letting go – accepting what is, ending the struggle; reversing – changing your mind, seeing things from a new angle; suspending action – pausing to reflect, living in the moment; sacrificing – being a martyr, putting others first



The Devil – experiencing bondage – being obsessed, feeling tied down against your will; focusing on the material – overindulging the senses, getting and spending; staying in ignorance – being unaware, choosing to stay in the dark; feeling hopeless – believing the worst, thinking negatively

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