Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (19-25 September)

on September 19, 2011

Holiday over… Enjoy your week!



The Hierophant – getting an education – pursuing knowledge, studying and learning; having a belief system –  sharing a cultural heritage, following a discipline; conforming – following the rules, fitting in; identifying with a group – working as part of a team, feeling loyal to others



The Magician – taking action – doing what needs to be done, carrying out plans; acting consciously – knowing what you are doing and why; concentrating – focusing on a goal; being totally committed; experiencing power – having vitality, creating miracles



7 of Swords – running away – shirking responsibility, being afraid to face the music; being a lone wolf – wanting independence, preferring solitude; choosing hidden dishonour – being two-faced, deceiving or being deceived



5 of Pentacles – experiencing hard times – losing a job or income, struggling to make ends meet; suffering ill health – neglecting your body and its needs, refusing to take care of yourself; being rejected – feeling excluded, lacking support



2 of Wands – having personal power – calling the shots, holding the world in your hands; being bold – taking the initiative, speaking your mind; showing originality – marching to a different drummer, inventing something new



Justice – respecting justice – insisting on fairness, trying to do what is right; assuming responsibility – admitting involvement, being accountable; preparing for a decision – weighing all sides of an issue, determining right action; understanding cause and effect – recognising the action of karma, accepting the results you created



The Empress – mothering – giving birth, cherishing the world; welcoming abundance – luxuriating in plenty, having more than enough; experiencing the senses – being earthy, doing physical activity; responding to Nature – going outdoors, embracing the natural



9 of Swords – worrying – doubting all will go well, feeling anxious and tense; feeling guilty – being hard on yourself, wanting to turn back the clock; suffering anguish – having sleepless nights, feeling depressed



The Emperor – fathering – protecting and defending, bringing security and comfort; emphasising structure – creating order out of chaos, being organised; exercising authority – taking a leadership role, representing the establishment; regulating – establishing law and order, setting standards of behaviour



7 of Wands – being aggressive – going after what you want, firing the first shot; being defiant – holding out against pressure, refusing to give in; showing conviction – demonstrating strong character, knowing you are right



10 of Pentacles – enjoying affluence – feeling financially secure, having a run of good fortune; seeking permanence – being concerned with the long term, having an orderly family life; following convention – taking part in traditions, being conservative



3 of Cups – feeling exuberant – bursting with energy, celebrating; enjoying friendship – finding companions, getting together with people you like; valuing community – developing a team spirit, working together

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