Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Have a good week, everyone! 



6 of Pentacles – having/not having resources – giving/receiving, taking care of/being taken care of, supporting/being supported; having/not having knowledge – teaching/learning, becoming/finding a mentor, knowing/not knowing a secret; having/not having power – leading/following, asserting/denying your wishes



9 of Swords – worrying – doubting all will go well, feeling anxious and tense; feeling guilty – refusing to forgive yourself, denying that you did your best; suffering anguish – feeling depressed, wanting to cry, feeling you’ve reached your limit



9 of Wands – defending yourself – expecting the worst, being paranoid; persevering – seeing something through to the end, trying repeatedly; showing stamina – holding fast, keeping up the pace



2 of Cups – making a connection – joining with another, cementing a friendship, sharing; calling a truce – bringing together opposites, declaring peace, forgiving and forgetting; acknowledging an attraction – letting yourself be drawn in, feeling a positive response



King of Pentacles – be enterprising – find opportunity everywhere, attract wealth; be adept – have quick reflexes, handle all situations competently; be reliable – meet all your commitments and promises, be dependable; be supporting – readily jump in to help, give generously of time and attention; be steady – avoid mood swings, maintain a calm approach



5 of Swords – act in your own self-interest – look out for number one, think of your own needs, know you must concentrate on yourself; experiencing discord – you could find yourself in a hostile environment and experience conflict; witnessing open dishonour – be aware of losing your moral compass and sacrificing your integrity



The Star – regaining hope – having faith in the future, counting your blessings; being inspired – realise your inner strength, be stimulated to a higher level; be generous – give back what you have received, let love flow freely; feeling serene – experience peace of mind, find your still centre, savour perfect calm



Strength – show strength – know you can endure, take heart despite setbacks; be patient – deal calmly with frustration, accept others; be compassionate – give others lots of space, understand what others are feeling; achieve soft control – be persuasive and influential, demonstrate the strength of love



5 of Wands – disagreements – feeling everyone is at cross-purposes, quarrelling, arguing and bickering, being at odds with others; competition – feeling the thrill of the contest, rising to the challenge, looking for a fight; hassles – getting annoyed by demands, having minor setbacks, getting irritated



2 of Swords – blocked emotions – denying your true feelings, keeping another at arm’s length, being defensive; avoiding the truth – refusing to face facts, ignoring the warning signs, choosing not to know; being at a stalemate – feeling afraid to act, refusing to decide, staying on the fence



5 of Cups – suffering a loss – letting go of a hope, being defeated; feeling bereft – breaking up a relationship, feeling deprived of love, grieving; feeling regret – being disappointed by events, crying
over spilt milk, wishing for what might have been



Page of Swords – use your mind – analyse the problem, use logic and reason, learn or teach; be truthful – stop deceiving, face facts, clear up any confusion; be just – act ethically, right a wrong, accept responsibility; have fortitude – met setbacks with renewed energy, move out of depression, keep your chin up and head high

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