Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

I’ve never seen so many Major Arcana cards in a row in one reading (Taurus to Scorpio). There must be some powerful forces at work this week! Enjoy it!



9 of Swords – worrying – going over and over an issue, feeling anxious and tense, brooding; feeling guilty – refusing to forgive yourself, being hard on yourself, wanting to turn back the clock; suffering anguish – despairing, feeling you’ve reached your limits, having sleepless nights, wanting to cry



The Devil – experiencing bondage – being obsessed, feeling tied down against your will, accepting an unwanted situation; focusing on the material – forgetting the spiritual, getting and spending, overindulging the senses; staying in ignorance – being unaware, choosing to stay in the dark, being taken in by appearances; feeling hopeless – believing the worst, despairing, doubting



The Hierophant – getting an education – pursuing knowledge, studying and learning, finding out more; having a belief system – sharing a cultural heritage, identifying a world view, knowing where to put your faith; conforming – following the rules, going along with the programme, doing what’s expected; identifying with a group – being committed to a cause, joining an organization, feeling loyal to others 



The Chariot – achieving victory – winning, being successful; using your will – being determined to succeed, rising above temptation, letting nothing distract you; asserting yourself – establishing an identity, feeling self-confident, having faith in yourself; achieving hard control – mastering emotions, maintaining discipline, holding in anger



The Hanged Man – letting go – having an emotional release, ending the struggle, giving up control; reversing – turning the world around, changing your mind, seeings things from a new perspective; suspending action – pausing to reflect, taking time to just be, living in the moment; sacrificing – being a martyr, putting others first, going one step back to go two steps forward



The Lovers – relating to others – feeling love, forming a union or marriage, making a connection; being sexual – experiencing desire, opening to another, responding with passion; establishing personal beliefs – questioning received opinions, figuring out where you stand, staying true to yourself; determining values – struggling with temptation, choosing between right and wrong, finding out what you care about



Justice – respecting justice – acting on ethical principles, committing to honesty, trying to do what is right; assuming responsibility – settling old accounts and debts, admitting involvement, handling the situation; preparing for a decision – setting a course for the future, balancing all factors, choosing with full awareness; understanding cause and effect – accepting the results you created, recognising the action of karma, making connections between events



The Tower – going through sudden change – experiencing upheaval, being surprised, being in chaos; releasing – exploding, erupting in anger, letting everything go; falling down – being humbled, experiencing a crash, having a downturn in fortune; having a revelation – suddenly realising the truth, having a burst of insight, seeing everything in a flash



King of Swords – being intellectual – being comfortable in the world of the mind, grasping information quickly, using thought creatively; being analytical – cutting through confusion and mental fog, understanding problems quickly, applying reason and logic; being articulate – being adept at language and verbal skills, being a lucid writer and speaker; being just – rendering honest and inciteful judgements, being concerned about truth and fairness; being ethical – encouraging high standards, taking the high road in all dealings



9 of Pentacles – being disciplined – exercising self-control, showing restraint, sticking to a programme; relying on yourself – handling the situation alone, doing it all by yourself, wanting to be alone; pursuing refinement – achieving a comfortable lifestyle, being tactful and diplomatic, remembering to be gracious



Ace of Cups – using emotional force – getting in touch with your feelings, empathising with others, letting your heart lead the way; developing intuition – trusting your inner voice, enhancing your psychic awareness, going with your gut reaction; experiencing intimacy – falling in love, developing a relationship, going to a deeper level; proceeding with love – expressing affection, getting rid of negativity, forgiving and forgetting



3 of Cups – feeling exuberant – celebrating, bursting with energy, feeling on top of the world; enjoying frien
dship – getting together with people you like, sharing, trusting others, relying on outside help; valuing community – developing a team spirit, uniting with others, discovering a common goal

For previous readings, see Notes by Nectar.

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