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I’m moving to Dubai at the end of the year and I’ve been adding to an ever-growing list of things I’m going to miss about London:

1. Lunch with the girls.

2. The view from my flat – I can see the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to the south, and the arch of Wembley Stadium to the northwest – all from my bedroom windows.


3. Being able to walk home from work through the park. In fact, being able to walk anywhere!

4. Being able to visit any websites I want.

5. My friends, of course. And their kids. When I do see them, their kids will have no idea who I am.

6. The office banter and evenings at The Wimpole. Note that ‘banter’ does not include discussions about whether the office is too hot/too cold – that I will not miss!

7. My Sunday morning yoga class.

8. Having Europe on my doorstep. I definitely didn’t make the most of that.

9. Concerts – rock concerts, classical concerts, opera, museums, plays. Anything remotely cultural.

10. London’s old buildings – churches, cathedrals, and all those amazing buildings you find by accident while just walking around.

11. My favourite restaurants: French toast at Raoul’s, pasta with truffle oil at Osteria Basilico, pizza at Le Cochonnet, escargots at Oslo Court, chocolate shortbread brownies at Baker & Spice, butter chicken at Zanzibar, oyster pancakes at Arirang… and so many more!

Have I forgotten anything??

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