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Review: Naked in Death

on October 12, 2011


Before I went on holiday, I couldn’t decide which books, if any, to take with me. A couple of Tweeps recommended Naked in Death by JD Robb so I decided to read something different and downloaded it to my iPad. I also took a Tarot book with me in case I felt like reading something heavier… It turns out I needn’t have worried about what to read on holiday because I ended up not reading anything! I started reading this on the flight home.

Naked in Death is not the kind of book I would have found and bought on my own. It’s a crime novel set in 2050. Crime I can deal with, but sci-fi really isn’t my thing – I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book isn’t very sci-fi-like at all – although cars do fly. In this futuristic world, only the rich can afford real coffee, guns are prohibited, books belong in museums and the death penalty has been abolished for decades. Chapter 1 was intriguing and by chapter 3 I was hooked.

A senator’s grand-daughter is murdered and Lieutenant Eve Dallas is in charge of the investigation. She has to find the killer before he strikes again – he’s threatened to murder five more women. 

While I enjoyed the suspense in the novel, I found the romance between Eve and Rourke (the very rich and sophisticated suspect in the investigation) quite unbelievable – I felt like I was reading a Mills & Boon at times and it became irritating.

The In Death series is dauntingly long. This first book was published in 1995 and the latest one published earlier this year is #33 in the series. That’s a lot of books! Will I read the next one? Yes, probably, but I think I’ll need to read a couple of other books first.

And that’s number 14 of my 20 books in 2011. Six to go…


One response to “Review: Naked in Death

  1. Amreeta says:

    Me too! I love discovering new authors especially when they’ve written several books 🙂

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