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Your destiny lies in your own hands

Another good week, I think!

I feel like I’m spending most of my time at the gym (when I’m not at work) or at least thinking about it! I’m thinking about when I need to do the laundry so that I have enough tops, bottoms, towels, etc. I’m thinking about what time I need to sleep in order to be able to wake up. I’m thinking about what the *latest* possible time is I can get there to have a decent work-out.

I had my regular session with Gus on Tuesday – it was TOUGH (but I wasn’t crippled afterwards like the first time). He seemed to think my body has already changed – and sometimes I do think so, but there are other times when I feel that my goal is as far away as it ever was. More squats, upper body work, more squats… I didn’t tell him that one night I actually dreamt I was doing squats. It will all be worth it, I keep telling myself. He asked me to keep a food diary for the week – which I’ve been doing.

Aside from my Tuesday morning session, I managed cardio sessions on Monday, Thursday and Friday before work. As a result, I was in my pajamas by 7.30 on Friday evening – and totally shattered.

I also had my Sunday morning yoga class – and that’s where I’ve noticed the most changes. I thought it was a hard class – and I also think I was able to do more than I’ve been able to in the past. My legs are a lot stronger than they used to be.

On Friday afternoon, I had my third session with the hypnotherapist. She asked me what had happened since our last session. I told her what I’d been doing – exercising, watching what I eat, how I’d been feeling – amazing when compared with our first session, how I actually feel in control of things for the first time in a long while… ‘Do you actually need me today?’ she asked. Funnily enough, as I was walking to her office, I kept thinking that I felt great – I didn’t need any more of this… She said it takes people between 2 and 6 sessions to start feeling like they’re back on track and I was already there. That felt good!

The food side has been going well too. I was out for dinner on Thursday – I had one glass of wine with my meal. Three weeks ago, that glass could easily have been at least a bottle. I also had dessert which I haven’t had (or wanted) in ages. But that was the only sweet thing I’ve had all week. I’ve managed to avoid carbs at night and haven’t had bread in two weeks. Oh wait, I had a bite of focaccia on Thursday evening but it did nothing for me – I realised I haven’t missed bread at all.

I still haven’t weighed myself – I think I’m scared I might be disappointed if I haven’t lost any weight! I have had to tighten my belt by one notch though – now I’m just waiting for the rest of my body to catch up!


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