Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (7-13 November)

on November 7, 2011

Have a great week!



4 of Cups – being self-absorbed – concentrating on your own feelings, being unaware of others, seeing only your point of view; feeling apathetic – losing interest, feeling disengaged, lacking motivation; going within – being introspective, meditating, dreaming



10 of Cups – feeling joy – embracing happiness, having a sense of wellbeing, expressing delight; enjoying peace – experiencing serenity, restoring harmony, calling a truce; looking to the family – going on a family event, supporting a relative in need, forgiving someone in the family



8 of Pentacles – showing diligence – making an effort, working hard, plugging away; increasing knowledge – taking a course, receiving training, increasing expertise; paying attention to detail – being painstaking, being extra careful, handling all the loose ends



9 of Cups – having your wish fulfilled – obtaining your goal, having your dream come true, getting what you think you want; feeling satisfied – indulging in a little smugness, feeling pleased as punch, feeling contented; enjoying sensual pleasure – experiencing luxury, making love, relaxing



Queen of Wands – being attractive – being appealing and popular, having great sex appeal; being wholehearted – being open and sincere, not holding anything back; being energetic – radiating health and vitality, having an inner vibrancy; being cheerful – being optimistic and upbeat, shaking off the blues easily; being self-assured – having faith in your abilities, handling any situation with aplomb



Knight of Cups – romantic/over-emotional – idealising love/lacking self-restraint, remembers special occasions/blows hot and cold in affections; imaginative/fanciful – being visionary/shading the truth, looking beyond the obvious/having big ideas that come to nothing; sensitive/temperamental – tactful and diplomatic/taking offense easily; refined/over-refined – suave and gracious/overwhelmed by pressure; introspective/introverted – questions motivations/driven to self-examination



The Star – regaining hope – having faith in the future, thinking positively, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel; being inspired – seeing the way clear, creating, receiving the answer; being generous – opening your heart, holding nothing back, letting love flow freely; feeling serene – experiencing peace of mind, remaining untroubled, finding your still centre



2 of Swords – blocking emotions – denying true feelings, keeping another at arm’s length, being defensive; avoiding the truth – refusing to look at facts, ignoring the warning signs, choosing not to know; being at a stalemate – feeling afraid to act, staying stuck, being unwilling to rock the boat



King of Cups – being wise – giving good advice, seeing right to the heart of the matter; being calm – maintaining your composure, being emotionally stable and secure, never seeming nervous or tense; being diplomatic – balancing the needs of many people, diffusing a tense situation; being caring – responding to emotional needs, doing volunteer and charity work, being tolerant – having open and broad-minded views, accepting the limitations of other people



5 of Cups – suffering a loss – letting go of a hope, experiencing a setback, saying goodbye; feeling bereft – breaking up a relationship, feeling deprived of love, feeling sorrow; feeling regret – crying over spilt milk, being disappointed by events, believing you made the wrong choice



Queen of Swords – being honest – facing the truth even if unpleasant, avoiding lies and deception; being astute – sizing up a situation quickly, being difficult to fool or con; being forthright – being direct and open in all dealings, acting without pretense or guile; being witty – have a good sense of humour, diffusing awkward situations with a funny remark; being experienced – having seen and done it all, having realistic expectations



The Moon – feeling fear – releasing inner demons, suffering from phobias, being overcome by anxieties; believing illusions – deceiving yourself, experiencing distortions, chasing after a fantasy; stimulating the imagination – having vivid dreams or visions, pluming the unconscious, entertaining unusual thoughts; feeling bewildered – being easily distracted, wandering aimlessly, losing direction and purpose

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