Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (5-11 December)

on December 5, 2011

Have a wonderful week!



The Chariot – achieving victory – reaching your goal, being successful, beating the competition; using your will – being determined to succeed, rising above temptation, concentrating your energies; asserting yourself – establishing an identity, having faith in yourself, feeling self-confident; achieving hard control – curbing impulses, holding in anger, maintaining discipline



8 of Cups – seeking deeper meaning – focusing on personal truth, leaving the rat race, devoting more time to the spiritual; moving on – realising the current cycle is over, letting go, finishing up and walking away; growing weary – feeling drained by demands, lacking energy, becoming burned out



Knight of Cups – romantic/over-emotional – emphasises feelings/is often jealous, expresses sentiments beautifully/brings flowers but forgets to put petrol in the car; imaginative/fanciful – looks beyond the obvious/has big ideas that come to nothing, spins marvelous tales/has an overactive imagination; sensitive/temperamental – helps others open up/can be petulant and sulky; refined/over-refined – seeks the finest/can’t face unpleasantness; introspective/introverted – seeks below the surface/can’t relax around others



10 of Wands – over-extending – trying to do too much, refusing to say ‘no’, assuming another’s debt; feeling burdened – never having time to relax, assuming responsibility, being left holding the bag; struggling – fighting uphill, pushing against the current, finding that nothing comes easily



6 of Cups – experiencing good will – receiving a gift, feeling blessed, sharing what you have; enjoying innocence – feeling simple contentment, being acquitted, having a clear conscience; focusing on childhood – feeling carefree, feeling nostalgic, having a baby



7 of Wands – being aggressive – going after what you want, asserting yourself, firing the first shot; being defiant – defending your position, refusing to yield, resisting authority; showing conviction – demonstrating strong character, knowing you are right, acting resolutely



4 of Cups – being self-absorbed – wanting for yourself, withholding affection, ignoring gifts and blessings; feeling apathetic – losing interest, making little effort, lacking motivation; going within – meditating, dreaming, withdrawing from involvement



8 of Wands – taking quick action – striking while the iron is hot, making your move, putting plans into action; coming to a conclusion – culminating an effort, closing out an activity, completing unfinished business; receiving news – finding the missing puzzle piece, discovering the truth, learning more



6 of Pentacles – having/not having resources – giving/receiving, supporting/being supported, taking care of/being taken care of; having/not having knowledge – teaching/learning, imparting/receiving information, knowing/not knowing a secret; having/not having power – leading/following, dominating/submitting, doing all the talking/listening



9 of Pentacles – being disciplined – exercising self-control, reining in impulses, sticking to a programme; relying on yourself – acting on your own, doing it all by yourself, wanting to be alone; pursuing refinement – achieving a comfortable lifestyle, being tactful and diplomatic, seeking the finer things in life



King of Wands – creative – developing innovative projects and ideas, having natural artistic ability, being original and inventive; inspiring – instilling confidence, being a powerful natural leader; forceful – having a commanding presence, carrying authority naturally; charistmatic – often being showy and theatrical, magnetically attracting others; bold – being intrepid, daring to stand and be different, having the courage of your convictions



Justice – respecting justice – insisting on fairness, seeking equality, trying to do what is right; assuming responsibility – being accountable, admitting involvement, handling the situation; preparing for a decision – weighing all sides of an issue, balancing all factors, choosing with full awareness; understanding cause and effect – seeing how you choose your situation, recognising the action of karma, accepting the results you created

For previous readings, see Notes by Nectar.


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