Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (19-25 December)

on December 19, 2011

Hope you all have wonderful holidays 🙂



2 of Pentacles – juggling – keeping everything in balance, moving forward smoothly; being flexible – refusing to let change throw you, feeling free to try new approaches; having fun – doing something you enjoy, seeing the humour in the situation



6 of Swords – feeling the blues – feeling listess, just keeping your head above water; recovering – picking up the pieces, starting to cope; travelling – changing location, entering into a new frame of mind



King of Pentacles – enterprising – making any venture successful, attracting wealth; adept – having quick reflexes, having a wide range of natural abilities; reliable – meeting all commitments and compromises, being counted on in a crisis; supporting – being a philanthropist, sponsoring worthwhile projects; steady – being a stabilising influence, avoiding mood and behaviour swings



Page of Wands – be creative – find a new area of self-expression, go in a new direction; be enthusiastic – get excited, be passionate; be confident – believe in yourself, focus on success; be courageous – take a risk, be daring



6 of Pentacles – having/not having resources – giving/receiving, offering/receiving a gift or reward; having/not having knowledge – teaching/learning, offering/taking advice; having/not having power – leading/following, doing all the talking/listening



7 of Swords – running away – shirking responsibility, being afraid to face the music; being a lone wolf – wanting to go it alone, holding people at arm’s length; choosing hidden dishonour – covering your tracks, avoiding a shameful secret



4 of Wands – celebrating – rejoicing over a happy event, recognising a success; seeking freedom – cutting loose, breaking free of bonds; feeling excited – feeling thrilled, relishing the moment; putting down roots



8 of Wands – taking quick action – making your move, striking while the iron is hot; coming to a conclusion – closing out an activity, completing unfinished business; receiving news – discovering the truth, learning more



2 of Swords – blocking emotions – turning a deaf ear, maintaining your cool; avoiding the truth – refusing to look at facts, avoiding an unpleasantness; being at a stalemate – feeling afraid to act, refusing to decide



7 of Pentacles – assessing – evaluating the situation, taking stock; reaping a reward – finally seeing some results, reaching a milestone; considering a direction change – weighing a different approach, pondering alternatives



9 of Wands – defending yourself – being paranoid, protecting others; persevering – trying repeatedly, keeping your resolve; showing stamina – holding fast, keeping up the pace



The Hanged Man – letting go – giving up control, ending the struggle; reversing – changing your mind, seeing from a new angle; suspending action – giving up urgency, living in the moment; sacrificing – being a martyr, putting others first

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