Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (26-31 December)

on December 26, 2011

Wow – the last week of the year! From next week, ‘Your week ahead’ will be posted on Sundays… 



The Chariot – achieving victory – reaching your goal, winning; using your will – being determined to succeed, focusing your intent, letting nothing distract you; asserting yourself – establishing an identity, feeling self-confident, looking out for your interests; achieving hard control – curbing impulses, holding in anger, showing authority



4 of Swords – resting – taking a break, giving your body time to heal, finding peace and quiet; contemplating – standing back from the situation, reviewing where you are, taking time alone to think; quietly preparing – consolidating inner resources, getting ready for the future, tying up loose ends



Knight of Swords – be aware of being direct/blunt – being frank and outspoken/tactless and rude, giving an honest answer/showing little discretion; authoritative/over-bearing – speaking with assurance/being domineering, having great influence/acting in a high-handed manner; being knowledgeable/opinionated – being sought as an expert/having to have the last word; being logical/unfeeling – setting aside emotional factors/being cut off from emotions



Ace of Swords – using mental force – using your intellect, applying logic and reason, finding out the facts; having fortitude – facing problems, finding the strength to overcome, surmounting obstacles; seeking justice – righting a wrong, doing what is right, accepting responsibility; proceeding with truth – cutting through confusion, being honest, finding out what is real



Page of Pentacles – having an effect – making your plans real, acting on your dreams; being practical – stopping daydreaming, using common sense; being prosperous – increasing your means, seeking abundance, becoming secure; being trusting/trustworthy – accepting others at their word, proving yourself dependable, having faith in others



Queen of Cups – being loving – being sensitive to the feelings of others, having infinite patience; being tender-hearted – feeling what others are feeling, reacting with sensitivity and compassion; being intuitive – sensing the climate of a situation, understanding without having to ask; being psychic – having a finely-tuned sensibility, being a natural medium; being spiritual – finding joy in communion, seeing the world as a holy place, appreciating the deeper meanings of life



8 of Cups – seeking deeper meaning – leaving the rat race, finding out the facts, starting on a journey of self-discovering; moving on – abandoning a hopeless situation, letting go, finishing up and walking away; growing weary – feeling tired and listless, getting weighed down by worries, becoming burned out



Ace of Pentacles – using material force – improving the body/health, focusing on concrete results; prospering – having the means to reach a goal, flourishing, increasing assets; being practical – using common sense, grounding yourself in the real world, being realistic; proceeding with trust – feeling safe and protected, having a support system, knowing the situation is stable



Wheel of Fortune – feeling a sense of destiny – using what chance offers, opening to luck, sensing the action of fate; being at a turning point – moving in a different direction, altering the present course, being surprised at a turn of events; feeling movement – being swept up in new developments, getting involved, experiencing change; having a personal vision – becoming more aware, expanding your outlook, discovering your role and purpose



Ace of Cups – using emotional force – getting in touch with your feelings, empathising with others, expressing deep feelings; developing intuition – trusting your inner voice, going with your gut reaction, getting in tune with yourself; experiencing intimacy – falling in love, developing a relationship, getting close to someone; proceeding with love – expressing affection, giving to those in need, getting rid of negativity, forgiving and forgetting



5 of Swords – acting in your own self-interest – thinking of your own needs, indulging in power plays, gloating; experiencing discord – choosing to battle, creating ill will, being in a hostile environment; witnessing open dishonour – losing your moral compass, losing sight of what is right, knowing of criminal activity



The High Priestess – staying non-active – withdrawing from involvement, becoming calm, being passive; accessing the unconscious – trusting your inner voice, using your intuition, being aware of a larger reality; seeing
the potential – opening to what could be, allowing development, understanding the possibilities; sensing the mystery – opening to the unknown, sensing the secret and hidden, looking beyond the obvious

For previous readings, see Notes by Nectar.

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