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Dubai: Day 4

on January 2, 2012

On the morning of Day 4 (Wednesday) my BB data still hadn’t been activated and when I mentioned it to my dad again he told me I needed to top up the balance. Er – couldn’t he have told me that the night before? I installed the credit vouchers he’d bought and sent a text to the number he gave me. Sure enough, I got a text back immediately saying they would initiate the service as soon as possible. Within the hour my phone started beeping and pinging and all my emails and messages started coming through. Hurrah!

Later that day we took Vinay to the Dubai Mall. We had a coffee at Dome, overlooking the ice rink. It was quite crowded when we walked past it, but by the time we sat down at the coffee shop the rink had closed:


After our coffee we walked around and came across Hamleys. I didn’t want to go in so hung around outside and people-watched. I spotted a Paul bakery on the ground floor – with Accessorize on one side and Karen Millen on the other:


I could have been at Westfield!

I then met my cousin at Bloomingdale’s for a cupcake (which she ate) and some mint tea (which I drank). Yes, there’s a Bloomingdales here. There’s also a Galeries Lafayette – and every brand you could possibly think of has a store at the mall.

My sister, brother-in-law and I had planned on seeing a movie that night, but by the time I got home I couldn’t bear going back to the mall (everything is at the mall) and just wanted to get into my pajamas. After they left for the movie, I had a preview of what my life could be like after they’ve gone back to Lagos. I went to my room after dinner and was online. Eventually Mum said ‘EastEnders is on. Come and watch.’ ‘Seen it,’ I replied (Dubai is a few weeks behind). ‘Just come and sit with us then.’ ‘Coming.’ (No intention of doing so.) 

I still feel like I’m on holiday – it hasn’t sunk in that I live here now. I. Live. In. Dubai

Nope. Still not real.

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