Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

On Day 5 (Thursday) I went back to the gym. Not only did I manage to use the access card, I also managed to get the bike working. Hurrah!

My parents, sister and I went to the Dubai Mall (yes, again) after lunch. My sister and I wandered around while my parents looked at more furniture. We decided we’d get our hair done but couldn’t even find appointments at the same place or at the same time. I ended up at a place called N Style Nail Lounge while she went to Sisters Beauty Lounge. N Style looks like a small reception area – but once you go through the blue door, the salon is HUGE:


I was taken into a much smaller room for my blowdry – the woman sitting next to me had removed her veil to get her hair done but put it back on before leaving the room. I’d never really thought about Arabs and hairdressing but there you go…

One of my best friends from Lagos was at the mall so I went to join him and his friends at Wafi Gourmet, a Lebanese restaurant on the waterfront by the Dubai Fountain. Forget about needing a map to find my way around Dubai, I need a map to get around the bloody mall. It’s huge – I know I’ve been there almost every day since I’ve arrived but I still can’t get my bearings. And I usually have a good sense of direction. While walking to the Dubai Fountain, I saw this:


It reminded me of the girls and our trip to Paris!

That night about 15 of us went out to dinner at Trader Vic’s, just down the road from us. When I heard that’s where we were going, I wasn’t sure I was ready to go back there so soon after my night out with the boys, but it was nowhere near as messy, thank goodness (even though I had close to three Scorpions)!


Over dinner, I mentioned that I was thinking about doing a diving course – and it turned out that the guy sitting opposite me is a diving instructor (but that’s not his day job). How weird is that? I’m going to look into that once the weather’s a bit warmer… After dinner, we headed to Mahiki which has just opened at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It took us over half an hour to get in, in spite of having a table. There must have been close to 100 people waiting outside the club – they weren’t letting anyone in as they had ‘reached capacity’. I felt like I was back in London. Just as we were thinking about leaving, they let 10 of us in. It was heaving in there.


You couldn’t move without bumping into someone, and at one point a fight broke out right where we were standing. We decided to leave at about 2.30am, and it was still hot, crowded and smoky… Just how the clubs in London used to be in the 90s! 

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