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Dubai: Day 9

on January 6, 2012

On Day 9, while my sister and her husband took Vinay to the zoo at Sharjah, my parents and I went shopping for a desk and other things I needed for my room.

Our first stop was a mall called Mazaya, which has a couple of furniture shops in it. I didn’t like anything really. The side tables I did like were sold as a set with other bedroom furniture and I didn’t need anything else.

My mum had heard about a store that did office furniture, near the Ace hardware store on Sheikh Zayed Road, so we got into a cab and told the driver where to go. He said he knew the place and then took us round in circles looking for the place. I’ve noticed that about cab drivers here – they’re all bloody irritating and out to take you for a ride (yes, ha ha, very funny). We eventually found Ace but there was no sign of the furniture store – and Dad had a tantrum. I don’t really blame him – it was a completely pointless journey. If it hadn’t been my furniture, I wouldn’t have gone. I was shocked when he came with us to begin with.

We thought it best to drop him home before we went to the next store. Mum and I carried on to an office furniture store called NASCO on Sheikh Rashid Road. They had loads of desks to choose from and I eventually found something I liked! Once I’d picked out my desk I started sitting in chairs to see which one I preferred. I started laughing to myself as that’s how Michael McIntyre’s autobiography starts – with him having the perfect writing space, and would a swivel chair be better than a stationary one? I bought a swivel chair. Once the furniture has been delivered and assembled, I will finally be able to open my new laptop!

That evening, I had dinner with my sister and her husband at the Dubai Mall (I’m starting to hate the mall already). We ended up at Karam Beirut, a Lebanese restaurant, by the Dubai Fountain. The food was very good, the service less so. We ordered shish taouk, lamb, baba ganoush, fattoush, all the usual stuff. I thought it was strange that there were no felafels on the menu so I asked the waiter if they had any, but he said they didn’t.


When you leave the mall, there are only two places where you can get a cab. This means the queue at both places is ridiculously long. There are usually cabs waiting but on a Friday evening, you can wait as long as 45 minutes for a cab.


On our way home, we had another cab driver who decided he’d take us home via the scenic route. We weren’t impressed at all!

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