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Review: Life and Laughing

on January 10, 2012


At the beginning of 2011, a friend introduced me to Michael McIntyre. Not to him personally, but to his comedy. Of course I’d heard of him but I’d never sat down and watched his shows. She lent me two DVDs which I’m ashamed to say I kept for ages. Not because I was watching them over and over again, but because I hadn’t got round to watching them at all!

Towards the end of my week off in February, I decided I was going to watch them. I was laughing out loud. At home. Alone. 

A few months later the same friend recommended his autobiography. I’m not a huge fan of autobiographies and usually give up one-third of the way through when reading them, if I get that far at all. I also had a long list of other books I wanted to get through first!

Later in the year, another friend said he had read Life and Laughing and said it was hilarious. This is someone who had never heard of Michael McIntyre until I‘d told him about him – on the same day I watched the DVD, in fact! Yes, I’ll get to it eventually, I thought.

I was at Heathrow on Christmas Eve, waiting for my flight to Dubai. My Kindle on my iPad was fully stocked, but I didn’t feel like reading anything on it. I went to WHSmith, found Michael McIntyre’s book, and started reading it on the plane.

I was laughing from page 1, when he describes choosing his writing space and whether he should get a swivel chair or not. I think all writers put off writing for as long as possible, waiting for those perfect conditions that never exist. I could relate. I kept reading. I read almost half the book on the plane (I stopped at the sad part when I could feel my eyes tearing up) and finished it in a couple of days after landing in Dubai.

If you like Michael McIntyre, and even if you don’t, this is a must-read. Apparently it’s suitable for all ages:


It was my 19th book in 2011, and the last. I didn’t make it to 20, but I hope to in 2012!


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