Dubai: Days 12 and 13

On Day 12, I didn’t leave the house. I had work to do and just wanted to get on with it. My sister and her husband left for the Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort, leaving Vinay with my parents and me. In the evening they decided to take him to the Oasis Centre, with his nanny and our housekeeper. I was home alone – hurrah!

I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. It was the first time I was making tea in Dubai – until then it had always been made for me. The kettle was empty. Could I use tap water in the kettle in Dubai? I had no idea. I figured we must be able to because surely we wouldn’t be using bottled water? I filled the kettle and switched it on. Then I realised I had NO IDEA where the mugs were. I expected them to be in the cabinet above the kettle. Nope. I opened all the cupboards near the kettle, hoping to find them. No luck. I eventually found them in a cabinet above the sink, which made absolutely no sense to me as they’re nowhere near the kettle. Anyway, at least now I know where they are – in case I ever have to make another cup of tea!

While I was in the kitchen I saw this sunset:


On Friday (Day 13), I was home all day again. I’d decided that I wouldn’t work on Fridays as it’s the Dubai equivalent to Sunday but I still ended up doing some work. My cousin brought her kids over in the afternoon for tea – they were so entertaining! Vinay was mesmerised by her 3-year-old daughter. It was quite funny to watch.

That evening I met up with another friend who was in town. I hadn’t seen him in just over three years. We met at the Dubai Mall (again) – at Madeleine’s on the ground floor. They have an outdoor seating area which overlooks the Dubai Fountain and is much less crowded than all the restaurants on the lower ground floor. It was the two of us, the friends he was staying with, and two other guys – one of whom I already knew. I ordered the seared salmon fillet – I was famished as we met at 10pm. Everyone here eats so late! The salmon was good, maybe a little salty. The only drawback to eating at the restaurants in the mall is that they don’t serve alcohol:


(I’m not sure they enforce all these ‘policies’ as I saw a woman wearing the tinest pair of shorts and nobody did anything about it.)

After dinner, four of us walked to The Address Downtown for a drink. We went up to Neos first – just to have a look at the view. I’d been there before almost three years ago and remember it as being a nice place. But when we walked in that evening, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I couldn’t decide whether it was more pick-up joint or airport bar/lounge. There was a pianist singing songs I’d never heard of while dodgy men eyed you up as you walked past them. We stayed about 10 minutes and went down to the other bar called Calabar. It was much more ‘normal’ – it was outdoors on the waterfront and it was much more relaxed. We had one drink and I was home by 1am – I think that’s the earliest I’ve come home since I’ve been here!

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