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Saturday (Day 14) was a busy day! 

I woke up unable to move my neck. I’d been finding my pillows more and more uncomfortable – they’re too ‘fat’ – and a few days before my neck and right shoulder had started aching. Not a lot, but it got worse each night until the morning of Saturday when I was in too much pain. I took some Nurofen, got ready and went to Mazaya (a different mall near our flat). My mum, Vinay and his nanny came too. I bought some new pillows and we went back home.

We were home for about 10 minutes and then decided to go to Wafi Gourmet at the Dubai Mall for lunch. One of my cousins joined us as well. Wafi Gourmet is on the lower ground floor and also has an outdoor seating area overlooking the Dubai Fountain. The service is rubbish, but the food was good:


And look at all those olives!


After lunch we walked around for a while, I bought a tripod, we had coffee. By then my sister, her husband and Vinay arrived at the mall so I met them outside the Dubai Aquarium:


It’s actually very impressive. The tank is huge – and you can even see people diving in there.


All kinds of sharks, manta rays and loads of other fish swim around in that huge tank.


We went through the tunnel looking at all the fish – it took about 20 minutes.

After that we went up to the second floor where they have the Underwater Zoo. The only things under water are the animals though – so it’s like going through another aquarium but with much smaller exhibits. There were giant water rats (shudder):


Little crocodiles:


A Finding Nemo exhibit:


And even some penguins:


That evening we had dinner with my cousins at Toscana at the Souk Medinat. There were no tables available outside so we went over to Trader Vic’s for a drink until they called us. We were there for about half an hour, had a quick drink and went back to Toscana. We had a table by the water:


I was shocked to see pork on the menu:


We ordered the calamari, mozzarella salad and bresaola salad to start with, and a bottle of red wine. Our waiter was moody and extremely irritating. When asked where the ladies’ room was, he just pointed to the restaurant. ‘Really? I thought it might be out here by the water.’ He wasn’t amused. We ordered our main course and more wine. He didn’t write any of it down (I hate that) and of course go
t one of the dishes wrong. He asked if he could bring us the bill when we had barely finished eating and hadn’t even seen the dessert menu. I think we could have all done without dessert but were determined to have it just to annoy him. We ordered a tiramisu (I had one bite) and a hazelnut chocolate cake. 

It was a chilled evening for a Saturday night, but I need to remember that Sunday is a working day in Dubai! 

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One thought on “Dubai: Day 14

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    I could probably dive into those tanks of olives. Love that all their dishes look do grand all the time! That waiter sounds like a proper git!

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