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Dubai: Days 15-18

on January 13, 2012

Not very much has been happening – I seem to be settling into some kind of routine: laze around and/or go to the gym in the morning, have lunch at 1 and start working at 2 (unless I’m out for lunch or coffee). But it also means that I’m usually working until 10 or 11 at night – catching up on the backlog over the Christmas period.

On Sunday (Day 15) my sister, Vinay and I went over to a friend’s place for lunch. Her son and Vinay are almost the same age – it was nice. I hadn’t seen her in about seven years but we’ve kept in touch on and off. Oh. I had bread. When she asked me if we had any dietary requirements, I didn’t think to tell her that I don’t eat bread. Anyway – I don’t think one slice every two months will kill me. 

On Monday (Day 16), I went to the mall for coffee to meet my cousin and a friend from Lagos. We went to the Eric Kayser bakery in Galeries Lafayette. It wasn’t crowded and we chatted for a while. When I got home I decided I’d set up my new printer which was ‘free’ with my laptop. Everything was going well until I had to plug in the cable from the printer to the laptop. Where was the cable? It definitely wasn’t in the box or in the bag. It was nowhere to be found.

For Christ’s sake – it meant I had to go back to the mall and complain to the store. There was no way I was going right then so I decided to go the following day. 

On Tuesday (Day 17) morning I had a consultation with Rama, a personal trainer – it went well and we decided to have our first session the following day. After lunch, I went back to the mall. I’ve realised that there’s no such thing as a quick trip to the mall. Finding a cab and journey there – at least 7-10 minutes, walking to the store you need to go to – another 7-10 minutes, shopping in the store – variable, walking to the taxi rank – at least 7-10 minutes depending where you are in the mall, journey home – 10 minutes. That’s at least half an hour spent walking or in a cab. It’s crazy.

So I went back to Jacky’s and found the guy who had assisted us in buying the laptop. He remembered me. I told him the cable was missing and he said: ‘But printers don’t come with the cable – you need to buy it separately.’ First of all, what sense does that make? And second of all, couldn’t he have told me that when I bought the bloody printer? I was irritated and I think I was making him nervous. He kept apologising. I just bought the cable and got out of there. I’m sure it’s complete bullshit, but there you go. I went home and finished setting up the printer.

Later that afternoon I went over to my cousin’s for tea. Once again Vinay was mesmerised by her daughter. I think she talked at him for half an hour while he stared at her. 

On Wednesday (Day 18) I had my first session with Rama. I was exhausted after that. A three-week break from a trainer is not a good thing. I was home the rest of the day, working for most of it.

See? Not terribly exciting.

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