Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (15-21 January)

on January 15, 2012

Have a good week, everyone! I can’t believe I’ve been in Dubai for three weeks already!



4 of Swords – resting – taking a break, giving your body time to heal, relaxing body and soul; contemplating – reviewing where you are, listening to your inner voice, taking time alone to think; quietly preparing – coming to terms with what is, getting ready for the future, making sure your base is secure



7 of Pentacles – assessing – evaluating the status, making sure you’re on course, finding out where you stand; reaping a reward – receiving pay-offs, being able to let up a bit, finally seeing some results; considering a direction change – pondering alternatives, questioning your choices, thinking about change



8 of Cups – seeking deeper meaning – leaving the rat race, finding out the facts, concentrating on what is important; moving on – abandoning a hopeless situation, starting on a trip of unknown length, finishing up and walking away; growing weary – dragging through the day, lacking energy, getting weighed down by worries



6 of Pentacles – having/not having resources – giving/receiving, offering/receiving a gift or reward, sponsoring/being sponsored; having/not having knowledge – teaching/learning, offering/taking advice, knowing/not knowing a secret; having/not having power – leading/following, dominating/submitting, doing all the talking/listening



6 of Swords – feeling the blues – feeling listless, functioning but not much more, feeling somewhat depressed; recovering – picking up the pieces, beginning to get your help back, heading toward a more positive place; travelling – changing location, moving from one place to another, going on a journey



King of Swords – being intellectual – using thought creatively, being knowledgeable, grasping information quickly and completely; being analytical – applying reason and logic, understanding a problem quickly, cutting through fog and mental confusion; being articulate – communicating ideas successfully, being a lucid writer and speaker; being just – being impartial and objective, understanding and honouring all sides of an issue; being ethical – taking the high road in all dealings, living by your highest principles



The Moon – feeling fear – lacking courage, being overcome by anxieties, feeling a nameless apprehension; believing illusions – deceiving yourself, experiencing distortions, chasing after a fantasy; stimulating the imagination – opening to fantasy, having vivid dreams or visions, plumbing the unconscious; feeling bewildered – losing direction and purpose, being easily distracted, feeling disoriented



5 of Pentacles – experiencing hard times – losing a job or income, feeling insecure, struggling to make ends meet; suffering ill-health – feeling run down and tired, getting medical attention, neglecting your body and its needs; being rejected – lacking support, feeling excluded, receiving disapproval



Ace of Cups – using emotional force – getting in touch with your feelings, expressing deep feelings, empathising with others; developing intuition – going with your gut reaction, enhancing your psychic awareness, trusting your inner voice; experiencing intimacy – falling in love, getting close to someone, going to a deeper level; proceeding with love – expressing affection, giving to those in need, getting rid of negativity



The Devil – experiencing bondage – losing independence, being addicted and enslaved, being obsessed; focusing on the material – believing only in the physical, getting and spending, being caught up in appearances; staying in ignorance – choosing to stay in the dark, fearing the unknown, experiencing limitations; feeling hopeless – believing the worst, lacking faith, thinking negatively



The World – integrating – experiencing wholeness, combining, working in unison; accomplishing – prospering, flourishing, seeing dreams come true; becoming involved – contributing, healing, feeling engaged; feeling fulfilled – savouring the present, taking pleasure in life, counting your blessings



King of Pentacles – being enterprising – making any venture successful, attracting wealth, having the Midas touch; being adept – having quick reflexes, handling any situation competently, having a wide range of abilities; being reliable – being counted on in a crisis, assuming responsibility, meeting all commitments and promises; being supporting – encouraging the accomplishments of others, sponsoring worthwhile projects, readily jumping in to help; being steady – having a stabilising influence, maintaining a calm approach, avoiding mood and beh
aviour swings

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