Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Many Major Arcana cards this week – some serious forces at work! Have a great week…



The Empress – mothering – giving birth, nurturing and caring for others, expressing tenderness; welcoming abundance – enjoying extravagance, luxuriating in plenty, feeling rich; experiencing the senses – giving and receiving pleasure, appreciating beauty, focusing on the body; responding to Nature – embracing the natural, going outdoors, feeling connected to the Earth



The Lovers – relating to others – feeling love, getting closer, being intimate; being sexual – experiencing desire, opening to another, responding with passion; establishing personal beliefs – questioning received opinions, staying true to yourself, making up your own mind; determining values – choosing between right and wrong, finding out what you care about, facing an ethical or moral choice



The Hermit – being introspective – thinking things over, quieting yourself, needing to understand; searching – going on a personal quest, seeking greater understanding, desiring a new direction; receiving/giving guidance – learning from/being a guru, being helped/helping, accepting/offering wise counsel; seeking solitude – needing to be alone, giving up distractions, withdrawing from the world



Judgement – making a judgement – having a day of reckoning, taking a stand, getting off the fence; feeling reborn – awakening to possibilities, making a fresh start, discovering joy; hearing a call – feeling drawn to a new direction, answering a need, recognising your true vocation; finding absolution – feeling cleansed and refreshed, atoning for past mistakes, feeling sins washed away



Ace of Pentacles – using material force – working with the physical, improving the body/health, focusing on concrete results; prospering – having the means to reach a goal, seeing efforts rewarded, increasing assets; being practical – using common sense, being realistic, accepting the tools at hand; proceeding with trust – feeling safe and protected, having a support system, believing in the good faith of others



3 of Swords – feeling heartbreak – suffering emotional pain, being disappointed, hurting someone’s feelings; feeling lonely – feeling isolated from those you love, being separated, wandering far from home; experiencing betrayal – discovering a painful truth, being let down, getting stabbed in the back



The Hanged Man – letting go – accepting what is, ending the struggle, giving up control; reversing – turning the world around, seeing from a new angle, overturning old priorities; suspending action – giving up urgency, living in the moment, pausing to reflect; sacrificing – putting self-interest aside, putting others first, giving up for a higher cause



The Devil – experiencing bondage – being obsessed, being addicted and enslaved, losing independence; focusing on the material – forgetting the spiritual, getting and spending, being caught up in appearances; staying in ignorance – being unaware, choosing to stay in the dark, fearing the unknown; feeling hopeless – believing the worst, lacking faith, thinking negatively



2 of Wands – having personal power – commanding attention and respect, holding the world in your hands, calling the shots; being bold – daring to do what you want, taking the initiative, speaking your mind; showing originality – doing what no one else has done, being a pioneer, marching to a different drummer



Knight of Pentacles – being enterprising – making every venture successful, attracting wealth, finding opportunity everywhere; being adept – being informed about practical matters, having quick reflexes, handling any situation competently; being reliable – assuming responsibility, being counted on in a crisis; supporting – readily jumping in to help, giving generously of time and attention; being steady – having regular habits and activities, avoiding mood and behaviour swings



6 of Swords – feeling the blues – just keeping your head above water, working to get through the day, feeling somewhat depressed; recovering – dealing with the effects of a trauma, beginning to get your health back, heading toward a more positive place; travelling – changing location, taking a trip, going on a journey, entering into a new frame of mind



Justice – respecting justice – seeking equality, trying to do what is right, insisting on fairness; assuming responsibility – settling old accounts and debts, admitting involvement, doing what has to be done; preparing for a decision – weighing all sides of an issue, setting a course for the future, balancing al
l factors; understanding cause and effect – seeing how you chose your situation, accepting the results you created, recognising the action of karma, knowing that what is makes sense

For previous readings, see Notes by Nectar.

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