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Dubai: Days 21-24

on January 25, 2012

A busy week: lunches, dinners, drinks, and work when I can fit it in!

I spent most of Saturday at home – my mum and sister were out shopping and there was no way I was going to join them. That evening my sister and I went back to The Meat Co. for a steak dinner. We’d been there a couple of weeks before and this time we didn’t order any starters, just our steaks and salad, and no dessert. Our table was booked for 9pm and we were home by 10.30!

On Sunday morning I had a session with Rama, my trainer. After that my cousin hosted a girls’ ‘welcome’ lunch for me at the Fairmont – there were seven or eight of us. It was a nice group of people – me, my sister, my cousin, and some other cousins and friends who used to live in Lagos and London but now live in Dubai. It was an early lunch because most of them had kids that needed picking up from school from 2pm onwards. School on a Sunday? That’s just wrong.

On Monday afternoon, we were invited over to someone’s house for tea. Five of us (my mum, sister, nephew, his nanny and me) went over to their place in the Lakes. I met another cousin who lives here – and while chatting about where to go for various things (massages, facials, etc.) she gave me numbers for various people and places. It was like speaking to the Yellow Pages. Useful!

On Tuesday evening I went out to Calabar at The Address for some drinks with the girls – it was a very random group of people but it was nice to get out of the house. It wasn’t a very late or heavy night as I had a session with Rama at 9am the following morning. As we were saying our goodbyes in the lobby of the hotel, I heard someone call my name. ‘Who the hell knows me here?’ I thought to myself. It was someone I knew from London! ‘What are you doing here?’ she asked. ‘Er. I live here now.’ (Even as I said it out loud, I still didn’t believe it.)

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