Your week ahead (5-11 February)

Have a great week! Aries The Sun – becoming enlightened – finding the sense behind the chaos, getting to the heart of the matter, understanding; experiencing greatness – being singled out for notice, shining forth brilliantly, becoming the centre …

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Have a great week!



The Sun – becoming enlightened – finding the sense behind the chaos, getting to the heart of the matter, understanding; experiencing greatness – being singled out for notice, shining forth brilliantly, becoming the centre of attention; feeling vitality – experiencing joy, feeling invigorated, enjoying great health; having assurance – feeling free and expansive, honouring your true self, trusting your abilities



2 of Pentacles – juggling – coping with demands, having a lot of irons in the fire, keeping everything in balance; being flexible – going with the flow, seeing the possibilities, handling challenges; having fun – taking time to play, feeling in high spirits, seeing the humour in the situation



The Chariot – achieving victory – reaching your goal, coming out on top, beating the competition; using your will – focusing your intent, letting nothing distract you, fixing on a goal; asserting yourself – feeling self-confident, knowing who you are, looking out for your interests; achieving hard control – mastering emotions, curbing impulses, getting your way



3 of Swords – feeling heartbreak – having your feelings hurt, getting some unsettling news, being disappointed; feeling lonely – feeling lost, being separated, wandering far from home; experiencing betrayal – being let down, breaking your word, finding your trust misplaced



10 of Pentacles – enjoying affluence – feeling financially secure, having a good run of fortune, being free from money problems; seeking permanence – looking for a solution that will last, having an orderly family life, being concerned with the long term; following convention – being conservative, taking part in traditions, proceeding according to the rules



King of Wands – being creative – having natural artistic ability, being original and inventive; being inspiring – instilling confidence, communicating enthusiasm; being forceful – having a commanding presence, carrying authority naturally; being charismatic – magnetically attracting others, naturally becoming the focus of attention; being bold – confronting opposition directly, daring to stand and be different



8 of Pentacles – showing diligence – making an effort, plugging away, producing steady results; increasing knowledge – taking a course, researching, increasing expertise; paying attention to detail – being painstaking, checking and re-checking, noticing the fine points



Queen of Cups – being loving – having infinite patience, dispelling anger and hate; being tenderhearted – feeling what others are feeling, being kind and gentle; being intuitive – being guided by the heart, understanding without having to ask; being psychic – being open to the unconscious, having a finely-tuned sensibility; being spiritual – finding joy in communion, seeing the world as a holy place



Knight of Swords – finding a balance between being direct and blunt – being frank and outspoken and being tactless and rude; being authoritative and overbearing – commanding attention and forcing a position on others; being incisive and cutting – being sharp and alert and having a barbed wit; being knowledgeable and opinionated – being highly intelligent and being dogmatic and close-minded; being logical and unfeeling – analysing information well and treating people like numbers



The Fool – beginning – entering a new phase, expanding horizons, heading into the unknown; being spontaneous – living in the moment, acting on impulse, feeling carefree; having faith – living in joy, trusting the flow, recapturing innocence; embracing folly – being true to yourself, accepting your choices, trusting your heart’s desire



King of Swords – being intellectual – ably carrying out research, using thought creatively; being analytical – applying reason and logic, understanding a problem quickly; being articulate – being a lucid writer and speaker, being a stimulating conversationalist; being just – being impartial and objective, being concerned with truth and fairness; being ethical – encouraging high standards, living by your highest principles



9 of Swords – worrying – doubting all will go well, making yourself sick over your troubles, feeling anxious and tense; feeling guilty – wanting to turn back the clock, denying that you did your best, refusing to forgive yourself; suffering anguish – feeling you’ve reached your limits, feeling depressed, having sleepless nights

For previous readings, see Notes by Nectar.

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