Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Your week ahead (12-18 February)

on February 12, 2012

I hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂



Temperance – being temperate – finding the middle ground, avoiding excess, reaching a compromise; maintaining balance – recognising all sides, fostering cooperation, feeling centred and secure; experiencing health – enjoying wellbeing, recovering, flourshing; combining forces – getting it all together, joining with others, finding the right mix



Page of Swords – using your mind – analysing problems, learning or teaching, thinking everything through; being truthful – acting honestly, speaking directly, facing facts; being just – righting a wrong, acting ethically, trying to be fair; having fortitude – facing problems squarely, moving out of depression, refusing to be discouraged



The Lovers – relating to others – feeling love, being intimate, making a connection; being sexual – experiencing desire, opening to another, tapping inner energy; establishing personal beliefs – setting your own philosophy, making up your own mind, going by your own standards; determining values – facing an ethical or moral choice, struggling with temptation, finding out what you care about



4 of Cups – being self-absorbed – wanting for yourself, giving out little, seeing only your point of view; feeling apathetic – making little effort, lacking motivation, feeling little desire; going within – meditating, dreaming, getting lost in reverie, pausing to reflect



6 of Cups – experiencing good will – doing a good turn for another, receiving a gift, feeling blessed; enjoying innocence – being acquitted, having a clear conscience, feeling simple contentment; focusing on childhood – feeling carefree, being taken care of, indulging in play



The Hanged Man – letting go – accepting what is, giving up control, being vulnerable and open; reversing – turning the world around, changing your mind, seeing from a new angle; suspending action – giving up urgency, living in the moment, taking time to just be; sacrificing – putting self-interest aside, putting others first



Strength – showing strength – having stamina, being a rock, having a gallant spirit; being patient – taking time, maintaining composure, refusing to get angry; being compassionate – giving others lots of space, tolerating, forgiving imperfection; achieving soft control – persuading, guiding indirectly, being able to influence



8 of Swords – feeling restricted – experiencing few options, feeling persecuted, feeling trapped by circumstances, feeling confused – lacking direction, floundering around, not understanding what is happening; feeling powerless – feeling victimised, looking for a white knight, avoiding responsibility



3 of Cups – feeling exuberant – bursting with energy, celebrating, putting yourself out there; enjoying friendship – sharing, trusting others, getting together with people you like; valuing community – uniting with others, forming a group bond, developing team spirit



2 of Cups – making a connection – joining with another, establishing a partnership, working together; calling a truce – healing a severed relationship, letting bygones be bygones, forgiving and forgetting; acknowledging an attraction – feeling a positive response, letting yourself be drawn in, recognising a bond that is developing



6 of Wands – triumphing – having your day in the sun, coming out on top, achieving success; receiving acclaim – earning applause, achieving recognition, getting a pat on the back; feeling pride – strutting your stuff, holding your head up high, having a high opinion of yourself



The High Priestess – staying non-active – being passive, waiting patiently, becoming calm; accessing the unconscious – seeking guidance from within, using your intuition, trusting your inner voice; seeing the potential – opening to what could be, letting what there is flower, understanding the possibilities; sensing the mystery – looking beyond the obvious, opening to the unknown, seeking what is concealed

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